Millstone – On-Demand Color Label Printing

State-of-the-art label printing software system and high quality printer.

Bonfils Blood Center – Ensure Supply with Printer Service

Donor management information system to track the flow of blood from initial recruitment to distribution.

Wellborn Cabinet – Increase Quality with RF Technology

Overhaul an existing barcode solution to track dealer deliveries; introduce RF technology to move data; and open the application to provide future signature capture and direct access to SAP.

Dayco – Wireless Computer Flexibility Improves Productivity

The improvements we’ve made are solely because our mobile computing and networking equipment is better.

Peak Technologies Depot Repair Services (PDF) – Nationwide Multi-Vendor and Support

Peak Technologies Onsite Service (PDF) – Nationwide Printer Service

Peak Technologies WLAN Professional Services (PDF)

Peak Technologies GHS FAQ Sheet (PDF)

Peak Technologies GHS Labeling Solution (PDF) – GHS Printing Solutions and Compliant Consumables