“I need a digitization solution that stays ahead of supply chain changes.”

The Answer’s

Contact us today for a step-by-step evaluation of how you can optimize every part of your warehouse to stay ahead of changing demands with maximized efficiency.

Between surges in e-commerce and challenging labor shortages, warehouses of every size must adjust to new changes proactively.

That’s why Peak Technologies empowers growing businesses with Zebra’s digitization tools for…

Faster employee onboarding with Android’s user-friendly interface

Maximized inventory visibility available on your handheld device

Easier tracking for multiple products supported by smart data capture

Faster travel times within the warehouse for error-free order picking

Less labeling bottlenecks thanks to rugged printers and best fit labels

Minimized workflow surprises and guesswork thanks to real-time alerts

Real-time stock updates visible to your whole staff

Whether you are a growing warehouse, or you are just looking for better efficiency in your current warehouse, we’ve got you covered.

Integrate Zebra’s mobile computers, preinstalled with Android for Enterprise for easy onboarding, and streamline your inventory management system into one ergonomic handheld device. Capture barcodes and transmit data in real-time anywhere in your warehouse, so you can monitor your inventory for decreased carrying costs and optimized storage.
Prevent surprise out-of-stocks and overstocking during peak seasons with instant visibility and deployed updates throughout your digital fleet. Transform worker performance when you equip your workforce with durable devices that mobilize crucial operations such as scanning, printing, and order verification.
Help your workforce locate products quicker with easy-to- use mobile devices that showcase the most efficient travel paths based on your updated inventory management system, streamlined with your WMS.
Certify your orders are accurate with intelligent data capture for final dock verification. Plus, count on durable label printing to retain identification information in any environment your product goes with long-lasting labels and enterprise-ready printers that adapt to your workflow demands.
Cut training times and complicated optimization plans with an operating system you’re familiar with. Android for Enterprise is now the top OS of choice for leading technology manufacturers, which means upgrading to next-generation mobility and improved inventory visibility is now easier and safer for small and growing businesses alike

See how Zebra and Peak-Technologies work together to lower TCO from door to dock:


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