Mobility as a Service

Peak Technologies Launches New Mobility as a Service Offering

Improve Operations with No Upfront Costs with Mobility as a Service
Mobile technologies — and their corresponding, comprehensive, supporting services — are a cornerstone of making your business run. However, sometimes legacy devices let you down, mobile device programs are slow, and supply chain visibility is lost. But what if you could upgrade your entire fleet of mobile devices and implement new leading-edge proof of delivery software at no upfront cost to you?
Peak Technologies is offering just that through a new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) partnership with Verizon and Zebra.

Why MaaS?

No matter if you’re looking to manage and optimize your IT assets’ lifecycle or add flexibility to your company’s cash flow, our MaaS partnership with Verizon provides your business with many benefits at one low cost, including:

Lowering risk

Cutting costs

Reducing complexity

Expanding internal and management resources

Providing continuous value to your organization

What You Get with MaaS

Our MaaS bundle with Verizon gets you more than just an updated fleet of mobile devices. Mobility as a Service is a comprehensive, whole-brained solution intended to fulfill your enterprise’s needs and eliminate operational headaches at no upfront cost to you.
Verizon Wireless

Proof of Delivery/Routing Optimization in One Easy Bundle

Zebra TC26 Device on Verizon’s Wireless Network + Depot Service from Peak-Ryzex

  • 5-inch, high-definition advanced touchscreen
  • Waterproof, dustproof, drop resistant, fortified with Gorilla Glass
  • WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC connectivity
  • Lowered cost of ownership
  • Keeps critical devices operating at peak levels
  • Decreased equipment failures and increased productivity

Integrated Services - Device Staging

  • Zebra TC26 devices powered by Verizon arrive precisely suited to your company’s requirements
  • Zebra TC26 devices arrive fully tested and prepared, delivered on time, and on budget
  • Zebra TC26 devices arrive voice, data, email, camera, internet, and barcode symbology configured
  • Customizable inserts & information, such as timesheets, cards, or user instructions, can be implemented
  • New Zebra TC26 devices can be used right out of the box

Remote Deployment and Management - Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Your Zebra TC26 devices are managed, configured and controlled remotely
  • You receive ongoing remote control and helpdesk tools with real-time support
  • Zebra TC26 devices can be located and tracked anywhere in the world in real-time or historically
  • Encrypted data, authenticated access, and restricted features ensure Zebra TC26 device security

Integrated Services - Help Desk

  • 24/7 offsite support and access to the Prism Portal customer portal
  • Prism Portal provides the ability to manually enter replacement requests or call/email them
  • All Help Desk resources are certified, trained, and experienced
  • Replacement devices are shipped the same day if the request is made before 2 PM EST
  • Devices are pre-configured with your firmware and ready to use right out of the box

Application Software SaaS - Proof of Delivery Software and Route Optimization

  • ShipTrack – a cloud-based, turn-key logistics platform
  • Create and manage service types, ETA rules, service levels, system users, and company rules
  • Monitor and report operational performance, objectives, and regulatory compliance
  • Real-time geolocation information, hub and route configuration and optimization
  • Intelligent routing tools optimize driver efficiency
  • Real-time track, trace, and communication capabilities

Integrated Services - Depot Repair Service

  • Advanced Exchange/ Spare pool
  • Comprehensive coverage, including accidental damage, plus normal wear and tear
  • Fast turn-around time
  • VisibilityIQTM OneCare® cloud-based view for mobile computers and scanners provides visibility to repair, case management and LifeGuardTM analytics reports
  • Predictable cost of operating your devices
Let us show you how Mobility as a Service can benefit your business.