Linerless Printing & Labeling Solution

What are Linerless Labels?

Linerless Labels are essentially labels without a backing paper. Usually, standard labels come with a yellow release liner where you can peel the label off like a sticker.

With Linerless Labels, this yellow liner paper is non-existent. This type of label has a special adhesive which allows the label to be removed from the roll without leaving a sticky residue on the roll itself. Like a roll of tape, linerless labels have a silicone release coating on the top layer of the labels and special adhesive that enables them to peel away from labels underneath.

This type of label offers reduced waste, improved efficiency, and cost savings.

What are the Benefits of Linerless?

  • 40% immediate waste reduction as the costs associated with sending waste liner to landfill are gone
  • Easy to use with no calibration or additional setup time needed
  • Quicker process times with no waste liner for the operator to move, you can simply print and stick
  • More labels per roll as linerless labels have longer rolls, therefore more prints per roll, resulting in reduced roll changes
  • Reduced transport and warehouse space as you print what you need with fewer rolls, meaning fewer boxes to transport and store
  • Reduced workplace slip hazards from liner piles that collect beneath printers
  • Only print what you need as linerless has flexibility of label length
  • Better moisture, grease and scratch resistance compared with thermal economy paper, resulting in excellent print quality
  • Reduced impact of CO2 emissions as linerless labels are less complex to manufacture

Environmental Impact of Standard Labels vs. Linerless

Now more than ever, businesses are rethinking their impact on environment and are considering options that will reduce their carbon footprint. This means they are no longer opting for supplies and resources that may be harmful or that cannot be easily replaced, reused, recycled. With this in mind, Peak Technologies have taken steps to supply more sustainable printing solutions.

In many warehouses, a large percentage of the waste from the lining of standard labels is going to landfill. This waste can be harmful to the environment and also comes at a cost.

With standard labels, businesses often think they are saving costs as these labels are easily accessed. However, the disposal of the label lining from these labels is a major challenge when trying to reduce the negative impact on the environment and the costs that come with it.

Warehouse workers will be familiar with piles of waste from label liners hanging over rubbish bins and even causing a health and safety hazard on the floor. Using standard labels can also become tedious and time consuming when having to remove the sticky label from the liner continuously. This liner is not easy to recycle and is often sent directly to landfill.

If 75 million Linerless Labels measuring 102x152mm label size are used yearly, the potential savings of landfill are 68 tonnes of liner. In addition 5,632 trees could remain standing.

How do Linerless Labels Work?

Linerless labels are printed through linerless printers which come in the form of desktop and mobile printers. Industries these labels work best in include; Food and Beverage, Healthcare (pharmacy bag labelling), Retail, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics. Labels can be used for shipping, receiving, packing, picking, general labelling.

Linerless labels have a silicon release coating on the top layer with a special glue that allows them to peel from the labels underneath, just like a roll of tape.

Our linerless label rolls feature a clean cut adhesive on the label that is optimised for use with a cutter. Linerless is simple to configure as you don’t need to specify the label length, the media is continuous and every label you print on the same roll can be variable length, eliminating the need to calibrate giving you one less thing to think about.

Simply load the roll into your printer, press the print button, pull the label from the cutter of the printer and stick – it’s that simple!

Peak Technologies’ Linerless Printing and Labelling Solution

To make the switch to linerless printing and labelling we are here to help make the process seamless.

We use top of the range printers from Zebra Technologies including the ZD621 Direct Thermal desktop printer and the ZQ600 Series mobile printer for hassle free linerless printing. These printers are supplied with Peak Technologies approved linerless media. These options are available for 2, 3, and 4 inch devices.

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