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Our Services

Printing & Labeling

Remote printing services & labeling solutions.

Supply Chain Services

Real-time traceability, inventory accuracy, and process optimization.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Deploying, administering, maintaining and upgrading connected, mobile workforce solutions.

Managed Mobility Services

Enterprise end-to-end managed mobility services (MMS).

Equipment Repair Services

Depot and onsite equipment maintenance and repair services.

Additional Services

COVID-19 solutions, leasing solutions, and self services.

Peak Technologies Acquires DASKO Labels

Dasko provides high quality identification labels, tags and signs.

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Manufacturing calls for the heavy integration of RFID solutions, which can make a dramatic difference by enabling real-time visibility and automation for critical processes. From production to inventory management, these tags are quickly becoming crucial every step of the way.

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Learn how some of our solutions are used in the real world across a large variety of industries.

Saddle Creek Logistics Services

"Peak Technologies puts the pieces together that Zebra offers to fulfill the needs for Saddle Creek"

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