Moore / RR Donnelley Paper Handling Equipment Repair

Nationwide Authorized Service Provider

Peak Technologies is the only authorized service provider to service and support all of Moore Wallace and now RR Donnelley’s paper handling equipment including pressure seal systems, bursters, detachers, decollators, cutters, folders, imprinters and shredders. Peak Technologies also maintains the Document Verification Systems (a barcode scanning system which tracks documents and verifies job integrity as part of the customer audit process).

In 1997 Moore purchased Peak Technologies and then in 2001, Moore Wallace merged their service division with Peak Technologies. Moore had been providing service and support on their equipment since 1960. This combined service team was cross-trained and certified on all of Moore’s line of pressure seal and forms handling equipment. As a result, Peak Technologies has some Customer Service Engineers (CSE) with over 25 years of Paper Forms Handling service experience. Since 2001 Peak Technologies has been authorized service provider for Moore and RR Donnelley products.

Peak Technologies has thousands of Moore equipment customers that it provides onsite service and support to.

Moore / RR Donnelley Repair Certifications

Peak Technologies is recognized as the ONLY authorized service provider for Moore, Moore Wallace and RR Donnelley equipment.

Intermec Printer Repair Certifications

Peak Technologies offers nationwide onsite repair, as well as 24 x 7 coverage for mission critical applications and time and material support on all Moore and RR Donnelley equipment. Peak Technologies is certified to install and de-install the equipment.

Intermec Printer Repair Coverage

Nationwide coverage includes the US and Canada.

Moore and RR Donnelley Products Supported include*:

*This list is just a sample of the models, contact us for complete details.