Retail Stock Management System

Control The Flow Of Stock Between Your Stores

Having an accurate, real-time view into current stock level data is a necessity for omnichannel retail businesses. With different channels like eCommerce, high street stores, and warehouses all operating off the same stock, this data needs to be visible and up-to-date at all times. 

The M-Netics Retail module from Peak Technologies provides a cutting-edge solution for the oversight and control of stock in your enterprise retail organisation. With the collective and interconnected modules of Stock Store Management – including In-Store Replenishment, Stock Receiving, Stock Movement and Stock Counting – you can ensure you’re matching inventory levels to demand, even during peak periods throughout the year.

Features of Our Stock Management Software

WIthin our M-Netics Retail Suite, there are multiple features available to help automate your stock management workflow. 

A few of the benefits include leveraging real-time inventory control data such as feedback on wastage and damaged goods, triggering replenishments in advance of in-demand lines and utilising data directly from your stores and stock rooms for a full and truly insightful analysis. Peak Technologies is ready to implement Store Stock Management into your enterprise retail business as part of a cost-effective and valuable mobility solution.

With the Product Enquiry module in your M-Netics Retail solution from Peak Technologies, you can leverage a deep directory of live information, including:

  • Notifications on low stock items
  • Ability to trigger in-store replenishment
  • Ensure your stock rooms and stores are always fully stocked with advanced replenishment capabilities from the M-Netics Retail module 
  • Gain an accurate view of your back-of-house SKUs
  • Support for list accurate building
  • Multiple staff can build and add picks to a list
  • Track lines that have had low or zero sales
  • Support for both offline and online use

M-Netics Store Stock Management

OLR - Oracle Retail Systems Integration

M-Netics Retail Data Sheet

M-Netics Retail Solution Overview

Enhance your retail operations with M-Netics Retail from Peak Technologies. Download our data sheet to learn more.

Leverage Enterprise Store Stock Management Functionality With M-Netics Retail

If you’re looking to streamline your stock management and remove any older, manual processes that can lead to mistakes, Peak Technologies M-Netics Software solution may be the answer. Contact us today to learn about our all-in-one suite of retail applications and how they could help your retail organisation become more efficient.