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Machine vision represents the future of logistics and supply chain management. Already, these systems play a huge role in the supply chain with pick and pack sorting, package tracking, and quality control. But how effective a machine vision system is depends on more than just the technology itself – it’s essential to find the right manufacturer with the right solution for your business needs. 

Cognex is a great option for companies interested in harnessing the power of modern machine vision technology. As a global leader in machine vision and other automated solutions, this respected manufacturer has cultivated a strong reputation by developing cutting-edge technologies that promise to move the manufacturing sector forward.

Peak Technologies is a certified system integrator for Cognex, meaning we can help find and implement the best solution for your business based on your unique needs. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about how Cognex Technology can enhance your business processes. 

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Expert Installation of Complex Machine Vision Systems

Installation and integration must also be considered before moving forward with a machine vision system. To make the most of this investment, it’s important to seek a full-service provider who offers both the best equipment and access to expert field service engineers who understand this revolutionary technology inside and out.

When implemented correctly, Cognex solutions are capable of increasing speed throughout the warehouse environment while also preventing errors and delivering significant cost savings. The results are impressive in a variety of sectors, ranging from automotive and OEM parts to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and more.

Regardless of the preferred application, it’s important to get these systems set up under the guidance of a certified expert. The title Platinum Partner System Integrator (PSI) confers an elevated status that should be of chief importance when choosing a provider to handle implementation.

Enter Peak Technologies. As holders of this certification, it’s our job to ensure our clients are able to achieve the best possible return on investment from Cognex machine vision technology. To that end, we offer turnkey solutions to set enterprises up for success.

We have a team of highly trained engineers who are certified as Cognex machine vision integrators. With our experts in your corner, know that your cost-effective solution will be strategically implemented to deliver a prompt boost in efficiency. Contact us for more information.

Custom Engineering of Automation Equipment

Machine vision applications are diverse, hence the need for customized setup services. It’s important to consider all factors when choosing and implementing the solution, including the  industry in question, the company’s long-term logistics goals, and the need for full compliance.

When you work with our certified engineers at Peak Technologies, you can count on receiving detail-oriented service that encompasses the following:

  • Project consultation and management. We will work closely with you to determine your goals for implementing a machine vision system, as well as the unique circumstances within your industry or facility that might impact how this solution is utilized.
  • Customized and configured systems. Once we understand your goals for your Cognex machine vision system, we can configure it for your facility. We will handle setup for all critical components to make the adoption process as smooth and efficient as possible.
  • Full integration with existing systems. Our Cognex-certified engineers can implement your system in a way that makes the most of your existing systems. We will take currently available industrial barcode readers, vision sensors, and control systems into account.
  • Guaranteed compliance with federal and industry regulations. Compliance is a huge point of concern in several sectors. New solutions must be implemented strategically to minimize the potential for issues with various federal agencies or industry authorities. Our team will ensure that Cognex systems are implemented to achieve full compliance, giving your team peace of mind.
DataMan 470 Series
DataMan 360 Series
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Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner Product Guide

Peak Technologies is a Cognex Partner System Integrator and offers advanced fixed mount barcode scanners from Cognex for high-speed, conveyor-based barcode reading and verification. 

DataMan 150/260 Series
DataMan 70 Series

Peak Technologies’ Cognex Integrator Solutions

At Peak Technologies, we are confident in the power of machine vision to transform the logistics and supply chain industry. Our turnkey solutions help you make the most of this transformative technology.

As a Cognex Corporation Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI), we are proud to exceed our clients’ expectations by implementing machine vision systems under the supervision of certified integrators.To learn more about the many benefits that this technology and Cognex integration services could hold for your enterprise, contact the team at Peak Technologies today.