Driver & Route Workforce Scheduling

Have a distributed field workforce? Worried about how to schedule your workforce efficiently and maximize your productivity? Peak Technologies offers driver and route scheduling software solutions that use the availability of your workforce and workload to streamline planning and optimize schedules.

Peak Technologies can help with distributed mobile workforce management by understanding the different resource scheduling options and choosing a solution that best fits your unique business needs and objectives.

The common challenges faced while scheduling and dispatching mobile workers include:

  1. Prioritizing the existing jobs
  2. Rescheduling the requests
  3. Adjusting ad-hoc requests
  4. Dealing with admin work

We’ve partnered with FarEye to offer a software solution that allows you to easily create a job, push customer delivery information and set the priority within the system. Once the job has been scheduled, simply push the job out to the mobile devices of the field workers. 

We offer four scheduling options that help optimize your operations  based on jobs, availability of resources, and the proximity of the location. Choose a process for your business based on your workflow and achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency and quality.

Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software

The scheduling and dispatcher software provided by Peak Technologies helps increase workforce efficiency by improving schedule accuracy, optimizing resource allocation and reducing customer response time with the following options:

  1. Automated Scheduling:
    Easily integrate with various ERP and CRM systems with intelligent automation, directly pushing schedules to the mobile device of the field workforce. This type of employee scheduling reduces the time spent on admin work and automatically assigns the optimal resources available.
  2. Manual Scheduling:
    Demands of customers are unpredictable. Communicating in real-time with your customers is crucial and manually assigning help in periods of surge is critical in the shortest time possible.
  3. Auto-assigning:
    If you are in a hyperlocal/ridesharing type business, auto-assigning may best suit you. Auto-assigning helps in assigning the nearest available driver to the customer. In this ridesharing world, reaching out to the customer quickly and delighting them with the best service and customer experience possible creates loyalty and repeat business.
  4. Auto-routing:
    In today’s ever-changing business landscape, efficiency and cost mitigation are major challenges in running a delivery operation. With rising fuel costs and unbearable traffic conditions, real-time customer communications is crucial for delivery service organizations. Auto-routing gives the best possible route to the driver and assists in finding the customer quickly.


Peak Technologies takes into consideration all key metrics when optimizing a delivery organization. We will assess all routing techniques, including accuracy, travel time and travel distance. Our field service scheduling software will provide the data you need to optimize schedules and ensure your team members reach your customers on time. Contact us for more information and to schedule a demo.

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Peak-Ryzex is now
Peak Technologies

The last few months have been incredibly exciting for our organization.  In early April, we changed ownership to Sole Source Capital, an experienced private equity company focused on the industrial services market and committed to our growth. With Sole Source’s support, we have added tremendous capabilities, resources, and industry expertise to the Peak portfolio through the acquisition of three companies in the last 60 days. 

Along with these exciting developments comes a renewed sense of commitment and purpose. To celebrate this exciting new chapter, we wanted to use this opportunity to reflect on our past, while looking forward to the future.  We are extremely pleased to announce that we have changed our company name to Peak Technologies, Inc. 

For many of our long-time customers, this is a return to the company name that had been in place since our founding in 1981.  When we merged with Ryzex in 2011, we combined our names to symbolize the union of two industry leaders.  But over the last few years, we have become ONE Peak, added additional capabilities, battled through a pandemic together, and feel that the time is now to re-brand the company as we look forward to the future. 

For additional information on the company name change, click here.