Electronic Proof Of Delivery (ePOD) Solutions

Providing the Visibility Your Customers Demand

Today’s customers demand real-time visibility into the movement and delivery of their orders. Not including these types of updates in your delivery process can lead to unnecessary questions for your customer service team and a decrease in overall customer satisfaction. 

To help meet these customer expectations, Peak Technologies provides custom proof of delivery (POD) solutions. Our team of experts work with you to identify the best electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software to meet your business needs and build out a system that is efficient and scalable. These solutions will help optimize your delivery operations through digitalization by drastically improving delivery monitoring and route planning

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Features of Peak Technologies’ Proof of Delivery Software Solution

Easy to Use Mobile App

Our mobile proof of delivery app is built to be easy for drivers to use on-the-go, no matter their smartphone device (Android, Apple, etc.). It takes only a second to scan the package barcode and update the delivery status.

Real-time Visibility

Once data is captured via the mobile app, it is automatically saved to the mobile dashboard. This means it can be accessed immediately by managers and other internal stakeholders.

Reduces Manual Errors & Missing Data

It’s easy for errors to arise in paperwork and for details to slip through the cracks when you’re using manual data entry. With our ePod software, you won’t have to worry about this. Plus, you’ll be saving paper at the same time. 

Customer Delivery Notifications

In addition to better internal delivery tracking, the ePOD solutions provide a better customer experience. The app offers the functionality needed to automate delivery notifications for customers.

Digital Signature Capture & Customer Feedback

The mobile app allows customers to provide their eSignature right on it. You can also set it up so the customer can rate the delivery and provide feedback.

How our Delivery Confirmation Software Works

Our team of experts at Peak Technologies will work with your business to determine which electronic proof of delivery solution will best meet your needs. Each of our solutions are user-friendly and will be curated to maximize the productivity of your supply chain.

While using our ePod solutions, at the time of delivery, a driver simply:

• Scans the barcode on the package
• Captures the customer’s electronic signature confirming receipt (if needed)
• Updates the delivery status on the mobile app

The efficient, best-in-class systems provided by Peak Technologies then automatically provides your customers with paperless delivery documents, so you don’t have to. They also reduce the payment cycle by allowing your business to invoice customers immediately, without waiting for the paperwork to arrive back at the office.

Electronic proof of delivery software requires reliable wireless communication and mobile devices. Peak Technologies can help in each of these areas to provide you with a complete, turnkey solution. Contact us today to understand how we can help streamline operations, improve efficiencies and provide your customers with the real-time data they expect.


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