Staff Augmentation for Projects

& Temporary Workforce Services

Whether you have a large upcoming project or a small one, you need the right people to get it moving and delivered on time, on budget, and as promised. 

When you’re faced with time-sensitive IT deliverables or seasonal fluctuations, staff augmentation allows you to quickly expand your team with the additional skill sets necessary for the specific time frame needed. With this outsourcing model, there’s no need to worry about incremental training and certifications because the staff provided will be curated based on the experience that’s required.

A temporary workforce of field-deployable skilled engineers from Peak Technologies protects your full-time employees, reduces your cost of doing business, and most importantly provides much needed additional resources.

Our team of engineers are equipped to handle:
  • IT services
  • Technology deployments
  • And much more

Peak Technologies’ Temporary Workforce Staffing Services:

Peak Technologies works with businesses extensively to figure out what type of solution will work best to fulfill their needs. Based on your business processes and your existing staff members, our team will provide a customized proposal with the short-term staffing structure best suited for your needs.

Our IT staff augmentation services provide the following:

Peak Technologies field engineers are W-2 employees with coverage throughout the United States and Canada. They have electro-mechanical skill sets that include in-depth training and an average of 16 years of technical experience.

Their skill sets include:

The goal of our process is to provide you with the augmented staff you need to meet the project objectives.

Why Work With Peak-Ryzex?

Peak Technologies staff augmentation services help our customers staff projects in a way that best fulfills business objectives. Our services help leverage existing resources along with outsourced services and contract workers, providing a wide range of benefits to your business.

When you work with us on project outsourcing, you can expect the following benefits:

With 35 years of experience involving IT project implementations of all shapes and sizes, we have standardized processes and procedures including automated dispatch and escalations, regional service management teams, call management, real-time communication technology and applications with the service engineering team.

There is no better place to look for experienced engineers than Peak Technologies. Our team has extensive experience and the skill set to support your project. Contact us today to learn more.