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Don’t let your supply chain be held back. The right enterprise labeling software solution will streamline operations, prevent costly disruptions, non-compliance issues, complicated processes, and ultimately lost business and unhappy customers.

The labeling process, from design to printing, can be time consuming to do manually, especially if you’re coordinating different parts of the process at different facilities. Operations are often inefficient, and it takes time away from your employees because they can’t focus on what really matters. This can bring up security concerns with so many different third-party places involved, and will also increase costs over-time. Overall, it’s an obstacle for enterprises, making it difficult to scale up.

Peak Technologies provides software solutions from BarTender®, EasyLabel, NiceLabel, Loftware and T.L. Ashford. Contact us to learn more about solutions that could work for your business.

Peak Technologies’ Custom Barcode Software Solutions

Whether you’re simply looking for easy label design & printing or you are a global enterprise needing an automation solution that’s fully integrated into your business systems, BarTender® by Seagull Scientific continues to be a trusted choice for over 35 years.

Peak Technologies has partnered with Seagull Scientific to offer four different editions of BarTender® software, Starter, Professional, Automation, and Enterprise, so you can find the right barcode labeling solution to fit your business needs.

Our team will help identify the right solution and help your team through the setup and configuration processes. From compliance labeling to enterprise-wide and standalone printing, our proven software solutions will work for virtually every printing application.

BarTender® Software Features & Benefits

Using the right barcoding software can help your operations run more efficiently and at a cheaper cost. Here are the advanced features of BarTender® label software:

Comprehensive label making options - Many business processes do not fit an automated printing process, BarTender supports all automated and manual marking needs.

Easy creation of data-entry forms and label templates - Drag and drop functionality in BarTender allows the quick creation of templates to handle all printing scenarios.

Print labels across all operating Systems, devices and web browsers - BarTender is business system and device agnostic so you’re able to print from any operating system, device or web browser. The drivers are so trusted that many manufacturers provide them in the box with their printers.

Automated creation of applications and prints - Trigger multiple actions with the software via a POST or GET web request, arrival of an email, saving of a file or modification to a database.

Centralized labeling system - Secure your printing with print-only settings and role-based permissions in BarTender and centrally manage traceability and serialization to meet industry standards and regulations.

Real-time monitoring - The software manages and monitors the serialization that drives your regulatory compliance, updating database records automatically and not only tracks but won’t allow serial numbers to be duplicated. It complies with global security standards for electronic signature, data logging and audit trails.

SAP and Oracle integration - BarTender integrates with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly and all popular ERP and WMS systems.

Contact Our Label Printing Experts

Dissolve your labeling pain points with one easy solution. Rely on the expertise and practical experience of Peak Technologies consultants. With thousands of successful labeling applications and processes deployed across all industries, we offer the real-life knowledge and technical support needed to help you solve for your labeling requirements with no costly missteps or set-backs.

Our team does the heavy lifting for you throughout the entire lifecycle from barcode creation to automation to management, so your team can focus on what’s important.

Automate label management to save time and money, secure your barcode label printing, and maximize your business scalability and growth potential by bringing your label production in-house. Contact our Peak Technologies team today for more information on our software solutions.

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