Asset and Inventory Tracking Software

Reduce Errors, Save Money and Gain Complete Visibility

Are you still filling out paper forms to track inventory and manage your fixed asset deployments?  Are your technicians doing visual inventory verifications and logging what they see on a paper form?  When your staff is still filling out paper forms to check-out valuable tools for use in the shop or the factory floor, and your admin staff is tasked with entering data from manual forms, your asset and inventory counts are probably inaccurate.

Sometimes you can’t avoid paper, but manual, paper based inventory and asset tracking opens the door for errors.  At Peak Technologies, we specialize in helping our customers reduce inaccuracies and automate their workflows and data capture functions. Our expertise can help you gain up-to-the-minute visibility with real-time actionable data linked to your existing business systems. We can help you realize an immediate improvement in productivity and a tangible return on your investment.

Turnkey Solutions

Whether you just need to track IT equipment, keep up with on-hand inventory, receive and ship, or need to manage yard operations, our solutions from TracerPlus, offers an easy, quick, and affordable solution to automate your process for businesses that have a simple need to to capture from 10 to 100 customizable data fields. Operating on many consumer and purpose-built mobile computers, they connect to a host PC over WIFI, LAN, 3G, and 4G and can also connect to your back-end ODBC database systems such as Oracle, SAP, MySQL, a MySQL Server or simply to an Excel spread sheet or tab delimited text file.  Contact us today to learn if a TracerPlus solution is good fit for your business need.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes, a turnkey solution is not the answer. Our Professional Services (PS) group is comprised of System Engineers and Software Architects; highly-skilled specialists in the Auto ID field. They can help you plan, implement and maintain superior data automation systems that run cohesively with your business systems.  They can supplement your own development team, or develop an entire solution for you. We bring an explicit and analytical understanding of strategic, tactical and operation decisions, and how they impact bottom-line performance.  Call today to get started.