Device as a Service – Bundled Mobility Solutions

Bundled Device & Mobility Solutions at One Monthly Cost

Mobile devices bring a world of opportunity to modern enterprises, including the opportunity for digital transformation. That being said, devices must be properly deployed and maintained to ensure that their full benefits are realized. Consistent operating system updates are crucial. It’s also important to equip devices with the latest features. This improves security while also providing a competitive edge.

Top goals in today’s mobile business environment include peak efficiency and visibility in the supply chain. All this can be achieved by leveraging the power of Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions. At Peak Technologies, we have a DaaS offering that can fulfill a variety of IT needs for the enterprises we serve. Contact our team of experts to learn more. 

Benefits of DaaS

Closely related to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), our DaaS model can be bundled with mobility services to provide a comprehensive approach that will meet your full range of requirements. This strategic combination provides the following advantages:

Customized Support

Many enterprises rely on old operating systems simply because the process of upgrading can feel overwhelming. This approach carries significant risk, however, as outdated OS may not be equipped to keep modern threats at bay. Instead, continuous optimization is needed to keep IT assets as safe and secure as possible.

If you take advantage of DaaS solutions from Peak Technologies, your preferred software solutions will be provisioned and deployed based on your unique needs. Our customized solutions deliver visibility across the supply chain while allowing you to effectively manage a wide range of devices.

Lowered Costs & Risks

Some mobility services come accompanied by a major upfront cost. This can be a huge burden to enterprises with limited resources. The right DaaS provider, however, can limit costs throughout the device lifecycle. This also allows for precise and effective financial planning by maintaining a set monthly fee. 

Reduced Complexity

Tech solutions should not be more complicated than the concerns they purport to address, and yet, many businesses struggle to keep a handle on different types of devices and features.

With Peak Technologies as your trusted DaaS procurement partner, you enjoy the peace of mind that is only possible under a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. We will manage all devices from one accessible location. 

Receive Continuous Value

DaaS service does not represent a one-time technological upgrade, but rather, a series of improvements designed to keep your devices functioning optimally via comprehensive lifecycle management.

Under our approach, you will consistently enjoy access to cutting-edge features that deliver continuously enhanced value. There’s no need to fear falling behind, even given the fast pace of change in today’s digital environment. 

Expanded Resources

When you partner with Peak Technologies, you gain access to a team of experts that is prepared to address every concern. Our support staff and customer service representatives can take care of a range of device needs, thereby freeing your IT team and other employees up to focus on other tasks. We are available to provide extra assistance when needed, thereby supplying valuable peace of mind.

Features of Device as a Service Solutions

While DaaS solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of various enterprises, most systems hold a few basic elements in common. The following are among the most important features and services we provide via our comprehensive approach to DaaS:

Device Staging

Peak Technologies’ mobile device provisioning and deployment services ensure that all devices are set up correctly, regardless of where they are located or how they function. We offer provisioning services for smartphones, tablets, laptops, barcode scanners, and more. Our approach encompasses everything from asset tagging to wireless carrier network activation. We handle every concern so that your team can use devices right out of the box.

Remote Device Management

Remote management is critical to optimal functioning for enterprise mobile systems. Our team provides the oversight you need. This encompasses proactive monitoring and real-time support. We can encrypt data, restrict features, locate devices, and handle several other Mobile Device Management (MDM) essentials to ensure that your devices work well together. 


The Peak Technologies help desk is always prepared to respond to your most urgent questions and concerns. Our certified experts serve as an immediate point of contact, with the end goal of resolving technical queries to improve uptime and customer satisfaction. Requests can be called, emailed, or sent through the Prism Portal.


The modern field service workforce relies on advanced software to keep mobile employees in the loop. The right software can optimize routes while ensuring that employees are connected on the road. Scheduling, telematics, and proof of delivery services are also available. These solutions enhance efficiency among mobile workers. They also keep lines of communication open regardless of where or how employees operate on the road.

Depot Repair

Peak Technologies maintains depot repair centers staffed with highly-trained professionals. Our team can also manage depot repair processes established by manufacturers. Under our approach, you can maintain multi-manufacturer support, regardless of the types of devices you rely on. 

Find a Solution That Fits Your Budget & Needs

Don’t let a complex mobile environment limit your enterprise’s efficiency or cybersecurity. DaaS service can boost employee productivity and help you address today’s top risks. Prices are reasonable for our lifecycle services, especially since there’s no upfront costs. In the long run, this approach will produce significant cost savings.

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