Food Safety Compliance

Protect Your Customers With Allergen Oversight

Allergen Safety Compliance

When allergens aren’t correctly tracked and clearly stated to your customers, the risk to their health is unthinkable. New legislation such as Natasha’s Law – which comes into effect in October 2021 – are holding businesses that prepare food on site to account to ensure consumers are protected against potentially fatal allergic reactions. So, your on-site food preparation areas need a label tracking solution that effectively solves the problem.

With an allergen compliance solution from Peak Technologies, we can ensure your food preparation environment now has the accountability you need to serve your customers with confidence.

Our allergen compliance solutions leverage the very latest in label printing applications, allergen tracking software and enterprise printers and will enable you to retain full oversight of the ingredients going into your freshly prepared food items. Now you can print labels and ensure every item sold and used is correctly marked with specific allergens.

Allergen Tracking Solutions from Peak Technologies

Peak Technologies draws from its ever-growing ecosystem of technology partners, enabling customers in hospitality, food service and other industries to track allergens effectively in both front and back of house scenarios. The following solution leverages innovations from print specialist Brother, tablet provider Samsung and nutrition innovator Nutritics to create a fully realized allergen tracking solution.

Solution Example - Allergen Compliance for Hospitality

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Tablet

This 10.4-inch LTE touchscreen device has a thin form factor and a weight of only 477g, making it ideal for constant use in the kitchen and in front-of-house applications. Capture barcodes with the 8MP rear-facing camera and protect sensitive company data with Samsung Knox security.

Nutritics Software

The Nutritics digital platform is a perfect fit for hospitality and food service outlets of all sizes. Manage your recipe development, allergen management, costings, waste, menu planning & food labelling in one centralized system. Complying with food laws has never been easier!

Brother TD4550DNWB Desktop Label Printer

Print detailed labels to your exact specification with the thermal printing capabilities of the Brother TD4550DNWB Desktop Label Printer. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for the busy kitchen or food preparation area, while its high print speeds make it ideal for busy periods of service.

Natasha's Law Videos & eBook

Download the Natasha's Law eBook from Brother & Peak Technologies

Download the eBook to learn more about complying with The Food Information (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2019 and keeping your customers safe.

Food Safety Solutions

Customer safety and the reputation of your business extend beyond allergens, so incorporating to an optimised mobility solution into your food retail business will ensure you’re controlling every element of your on-site food prep. These areas include:

Enhanced Hygiene Procedures

Remove the need for unreliable paperwork processes with a dynamic solution that tracks cleaning rotas, employee tasks and more to ensure total accountability of your hygiene methods and overall team management.

Food Temperature Automation

Keeping your fresh food items at an optimum temperature ensures their quality is maintained, while reducing the chance of items dropping below or above safe temperatures and becoming inedible or unsafe to sell.

Reduce Wastage & Make Savings

Food wastage is a constant issue for professional kitchens. Protect the solvency of your business or franchise by incorporating a solution that ensures food items are used effectively within their use by/defrost dates & times.

Food Law Compliance Labelling with LabelMagic from Nutritics

End-to-end mobility solution provider Peak Technologies will transform your entire food labelling system, replacing it with an optimised software tool that ensures your labels are not only precise and up to date, but wholly compliant with UK laws – including Natasha’s Law in October 2021.

LabelMagic is an innovative new solution from Peak Technologies technology partner Nutritics, enabling organisations in hospitality and food service to maintain accurate food label information with a fully integrated and automated printing system. Fully compatible with leading label printers – including those from Brother – LabelMagic helps customers makes informed choices while providing real-time updates on all recipe changes.

Supports Food Law Compliance

Adjust, update and change any and all information printed on your food labels. From allergens to updated ingredients, this solution enables you to fully adhere to existing and incoming food laws.

Multi-Location Label Printing Oversight

As your business expands, you'll open new sites and locations, and LabelMagic will expand with those operations. Deliver an efficient and consistent labelling process across them all.

Improved Customer Service & Satisfaction

Customers are aware of ingredients and allergens more than ever, so protect their confidence in your food goods by implementing a reliable and automated label printing infrastructure.

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