Name change signifies a new era in the company’s already rich history of digital supply chain and mobile workforce solutions

COLUMBIA, MD (June 4, 2021) Peak-Ryzex Inc. (now Peak Technologies), a provider of digital supply chain and mobile workforce solutions, announced today that it has changed its name to Peak Technologies, Inc.  In early April, Sole Source Capital, an experienced private equity company focused on the industrial services market purchased Peak, and then backed the add on of three acquisitions in the last 60 days.  To commemorate this exciting new chapter of accelerated growth and advancements in its offerings, Peak has chosen this opportunity to transform the company identity with a new name that reflects on its past while also marks the beginning of a new and promising future.

“Over the last few years, we have added capabilities, battled through a pandemic together, and have truly become ONE Peak, we feel that the time is now to re-brand the company” said Juliann Larimer, President & CEO, Peak Technologies, Inc.  “Our recent ownership change to Sole Source Capital was a major milestone for the company, and we look forward to the future in partnership with our new portfolio companies of OPI, Inovity, and Bar Code Direct,” added Larimer.

For many long-time customers, Peak Technologies is a return to the original company name in place since its founding in 1981 until Peak acquired Ryzex in 2011 when the names were combined to symbolize the union of two industry leaders. 

“In addition to our name change, we have launched a new logo symbolic of where we’ve been and where we’re going,” said Tim Wills, Chief Marketing Officer, Peak Technologies, Inc.  “The new emblem in our logo is reminiscent of a three-dimensional box, which represents our roots in the warehousing and distribution space. It is capped by arrows as a nod to our previous Peak-Ryzex logo, but point vertically to represent a bigger, bolder growth vision for the company. The new logo emblem also contains an infinity loop, which refers to our forward-looking commitment to a seamless customer experience,” added Wills.

About Peak Technologies, Inc.

Peak Technologies provides end-to-end, digitally-connected supply chain and mobile workforce solutions for performance-driven organizations focused on improvements in operational efficiencies and a focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Peak serves as a trusted business partner for some of the world’s largest companies, while also supporting local and regional customers with an extensive coverage footprint throughout North America and Europe. 

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