Driver & Fleet Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is key when you need your applications and tools to communicate, keeping your drivers productive and on the road. A slow internet connection or spotty WiFi signals can mean delivery delays and errors.

Peak Technologies’ fleet wireless connectivity solutions will help your team avoid issues that arise from unreliable in-cab internet access. We combine the devices and network elements you need with the technical expertise of our engineers to offer customized, comprehensive programs that meet your mobile workforce’s needs.

Peak Technologies Truck WiFi Connectivity Options

Peak Technologies offers two solutions to help you stay connected with your drivers and fleets: In-Cab Wireless and Cellular Wireless.

In-Cab Wireless:

By providing wireless routers that connect to local in-cab mobile computers, tablets or IoT sensors through wired or wireless connectivity, telematics or diagnostic data can be retrieved real-time via a 4G LTE/LTE Plus wireless connection. Other peripherals, such as rugged laptops, GPS or ALPR cameras, can be connected as well.  Real-time wireless coverage in-cab allows drivers to maximize productivity and safety, including keeping track of changes in routes, deliveries, safety checks, and more.

At Peak Technologies, we combine the end point devices and network elements within a comprehensive, holistic staging and kitting effort – fast. With our wireless partners like Cradlepoint, Digi and Sierra Wireless, you can be sure your drivers and vehicles are connected to high speed internet, increasing driver productivity while lowering costs. 

Sierra Wireless
Digi International

Cellular Wireless:

Peak Technologies supports any wireless carrier to meet your needs and help you manage the mobile program you have in place or want to design. We connect tablets, mobile computers, smartphones (both iPhone and android), IoT devices and more, ensuring your drivers and devices are always on.

Reliable mobile WiFi hotspots ensure your drivers can access the data they need to complete the job accurately and efficiently. Here are some of the major wireless service providers we support:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile

We offer innovative programs and complete wireless solutions, including:

  • Mobile Optimization – proactive mobile expense tracking and optimization, identifying potential areas of excess spending
  • Strategic Consulting – evaluating and managing mobile and telecom infrastructure
  • Multi-Carrier SIM cards – provides the best possible coverage by connecting your mobile device to the strongest signal, optimizing coverage regardless of where you are located
  • Remote Device Management – SIM card activation, device configuration and ongoing remote device management wherever your driver is
  • Flexible Plans and Billing – Pooled data plans, data only, or data and voice, contract or no contract, credit card or invoice. Peak Technologies offers plans for what YOUR business needs

Contact Peak Technologies today to find the right wireless connectivity solution for your fleet.

Verizon Wireless
Sprint Mobile