Wireless Infrastructure Assessment Services

An In-Depth Evaluation of Your Wireless Environment

A Wireless System Assessment is an in-depth evaluation of all facets of your current wireless infrastructure and mobile device landscape. Peak Technologies’ assessment services include our wireless engineers conducting a walkthrough of your entire manufacturing floor, warehouse, or distribution center to identify potential areas in which Peak Technologies may be of service to you.

With travel and onsite visits being impacted by COVID-19, our team is happy to get this process started virtually and will work with you to determine the next best steps in offering remote assistance or preparing for a quick project start-up once we are able to come onsite.

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Our wireless technology engineers evaluate factors such as:

To conduct this work we use a variety of wireless assessment tools, which consist of AirMagnet, wireless trace adapters and spectrum analyzers. Some of the opportunities or issues we often uncover include power set too high or low, rogue access points, rogue devices, channel congestion, configuration mistakes, firmware problems, wireless devices in need of repair, and more.

Results of Our Wireless Evaluation

During a system assessment, Peak Technologies will provide onsite analysis and diagnosis of your wireless environment. Following the visit, we will present an assessment report advising of the findings and the possible next steps we recommend. This will include both recommendations for how to fix existing issues and areas of opportunity for enhancements in network design.

We recognize hurdles and work to prevent failures during the project’s paper phase, ensuring real-world success when the system is fully deployed. Peak Technologies’ vast experience and expertise in wireless infrastructure services allows us to identify major risk factors and considerations, as well as success factors, that the less experienced may miss.

Warehouse and manufacturing environments are not the primary focus for many of the wireless network vendors and that’s where our specific expertise comes in. Our ability to assess networks designs in industrial application areas allows us to make the wireless system more suitable for these locations.

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