If you're using clipboards, you're behind the competition. No question.

If your workers are entering any data manually—or entering data multiple times—they’re making mistakes. Period.  Without data automation and automated processes, errors will continue to cost businesses unknown millions—or even lives, if your industry is healthcare. How much are simple, avoidable errors costing you?

The 1-10-100 Rule

The longer it takes to detect an error, the more expensive and devastating it can be in terms of time and costs to repair it. Commonly known as the 1-10-100 rule by Total Quality Management, a simple $1.00 mistake can cost $10 to fix if not caught when made, but can then compound quickly to cost $100 if the error continues to be overlooked.

In high-performing workplaces with highly-skilled people, even the best typists make roughly 1 error per 300 words—but production operators are typically not skilled typists. Manual mistakes, often made by deciphering illegible handwriting or by workers multi-tasking, not paying attention or being in a hurry can creep into Information Systems and compound exponentially through your operation:

  • Manufacturing/production work order errors
  • Slow processing times
  • Mis-typed addresses or SKUs
  • Picking or packing wrong merchandise
  • Shipping to wrong customer
  • Billing delays and errors
  • Angry and dissatisfied customers!

Peak is in the Clipboard Removal Business

We can help bring data automation to your business and eliminate manual errors for good. From receipt of raw materials to manufacturing work-in-process to finished goods inventory management, shipping and tracking, we can implement software controls via real-time mobile computing to prompt your workers to make accurate selections, stop them if bad inputs are received, and alert supervisors or managers immediately when errors happen.

Knowledge is Power — Know Where.  Know When.  Know How.

Organizations that are connected and automated are the most accurate.

    • Know where your raw materials, work orders and raw materials are to execute manufacturing process faster with less waste and higher accuracy
    • Know when there’s a line error, mixed shipment or missing inventory to communicate immediately to the right people and make faster business decisions to get work back on track.
    • Know how processes are running with auditable workflows, real-time, accurate information and thorough reporting to make your business more efficient, more accurate and more profitable.

Improve Your Operation with Data Automation

Data automation solutions pay for themselves very quickly and bring rapid ROI. Reduce the time and costs spent fixing human errors and transform your error-prone organization to an efficient, accurate, productive and profitable operation.

Contact Peak Technologies today and remove your clipboards for good.