Route Optimization Solutions

SaaS Platform for Multi Stop Route Planning

Gain predictive visibility and optimize deliveries with Peak Technologies delivery route planning software and mobile app solutions.

A key to a successful delivery business, one that’s cost-effective and delights the customer, is accurate route mapping and optimization. What makes truck route planning complex is that it’s dependent on a lot of external factors like unsafe driving situations, fuel costs, government and environmental regulations, driver shortages, multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, and more.

To simplify this planning, savvy enterprises are leaving all the math, permutations and combinations to intelligent route optimization software.

Routing Software To The Rescue

With the growing popularity of same-day deliveries, planning the best routes properly has become even more important. A key to achieving this is allocating the most efficient routes to the appropriate delivery fleets and then continuing to optimize them in real-time. 

A route optimization software can integrate with existing scheduling and dispatching systems, such as Google Maps, and help delivery stakeholders pro-actively plan new driving directions. Delivery drivers and couriers can then be alerted to the new path and easily access it on their smartphones via the mobile app.

Peak Technologies Route Planning Solution

The route optimization software provided by Peak Technologies can quickly run complex algorithms and churn large chunks of data to help organizations plan highly efficient and cost-effective routes. The delivery route planner will make sure your workers make it to every stop in the shortest driving time and at the lowest cost possible. 

When minimizing the distance that needs to be traveled, this software generates the quickest routes by taking into consideration things such as: 

  • Vehicle availability
  • Schedule constraints
  • Empty miles
  • ETAs 
  • and more.


Our multi stop route planner reduces the time a vehicle spends on the road, which means lower maintenance and fuel costs. This positively impacts the total cost of ownership and lowers your carbon footprint. Also, it ensures greater safety for your field service workers; as the popular saying suggests: the safest miles are the miles never driven.

In addition, our route planner app provides an optimal user experience and functionality, to ensure it’s easy to get the information you need, when you need it.

In conjunction with our software partner FarEye, Peak Technologies is empowering global businesses to plan optimal routes that are both highly efficient and cost-effective. Businesses have successfully reduced their delivery turn-around-time by more than 26%. To learn how we can help you achieve similar results, contact us here.