Technology and Devices

The Right Hardware for Your Application

As the Internet of Things becomes more than a concept, public entities are looking for sustainable solutions that drive out costs or provide services in ways that the local community greatly value. At Manage Mobility, we partner with companies such as Sierra Wireless, Digi, and other IOT solution providers to drive innovation for the following services:

By providing wireless routers that connect to local hardware or sensors through wired or wireless connectivity, telematics or diagnostic data can be retrieved real-time via an LTE/LTE Plus wireless connection. Other peripherals such as rugged laptops or ALPR cameras can be connected as well. Or if you need to improve the riding experience for your mass transit, free WiFi service can be provided to your patrons.

At Peak Technologies, we combine the hardware and network elements within a comprehensive, holistic staging and kitting effort

Manage Mobility by Peak Technologies can now leverage its 20+ years of delivering enterprise-grade IoT solutions for 60% of the Fortune 1000 in the government and education space.