Work-In-Process Software: Gain Real-Time Visibility into Every Step of the Manufacturing Process

Work-in-Process Software for Real-Time Visibility in Manufacturing

Peak Technologies offers powerful Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking software that can work stand-alone or by automatically exchanging data with a broad range of ERP or accounting systems, quality control, process control and test systems.  Our advanced, modular software solution provides improvements for your manufacturing operation with measurable ROI allowing you to:

  • Collect operational data in real-time, including data from process control and test systems, sensors, scales and other sources of data
  • Make operational status available in real-time, including customer orders, jobs, inventory, work-in-process, receipts and shipments
  • Exchange data between systems automatically so information is shared between departments as soon as it is available or approved for release—including data between ERP, Accounting, CRM, E-Commerce, EDI, shipping/transport customer, supplier and third party logistics systems
  • Provide real-time alerts and warnings when mistakes have been—or are about to be—made
  • Collect activity-based cost data in real-time so cost overruns on jobs can be spotted quickly and action taken before other customer orders are impacted, including labor time data and allocated vs. actual time comparisons
  • Label product packaging containers automatically and in real-time to comply with each customer’s specific requirements and prevent rejections or penalties due to mislabeling
  • See production problems easily, as they occur, and take immediate corrective action
  • Provide information to customers about the real-time status of their orders through web-portals or mobile devices
  • Collect traceability data of materials so the source of any defects can be determined quickly and corrective action taken before resulting in a major recall—including process data needed by manufacturing engineers to determine probable cause and effect

Track Materials In Real Time For Immediate Visibility

With Work-in-Process software, materials are tracked online in real time, allowing immediate visibility into a work order and immediate responsiveness if action is needed.  Track the raw materials used in each step, the flow of materials into and out of each job step, and the finished goods after the final step.

Sample Work-in-Process Scenario

Track WIP Raw Material Inventory

WIP software can track process-dedicated inventory separately from finished-product inventory using the same part numbers, which avoids issuing special part numbers for WIP. It can also:

Work-in-Process software supports RFID!

By implementing an RFID solution, manufacturers can automate the tracking of materials and finished goods with greater efficiency compared to manually scanning barcodes.