Enterprise Mobile Device Analytics Software

Intelligence Data on Device Health, Usage & More

In today’s competitive supply chain and e-commerce environments, workers are more dependent on mobile solutions than ever before.

Devices can provide a world of opportunity, but they can also cause major problems when they don’t work as intended. Managing these devices is a crucial component of managing a mobile workforce; the more business leaders know about device health, performance and connectivity, the more likely they are to achieve maximum uptime and productivity.

Therein lies the value of Peak Mobile Insights. This mobile analytics software solution offers real-time mobile device data, with the intention of developing a proactive approach to mobile concerns — rather than reacting to unexpected problems, and, ultimately, suffering significant downtime.

With any enterprise mobility intelligence solution, personalization is key. While detailed insights can be valuable, they are far more useful when they are tailored to the unique needs of the business in question. Customization is a clear priority for Peak Mobile Insights. Our team of experts develops systems that can be called upon to provide critical mobile data when and where it is needed most. Contact us to learn more about how our analytics solution can benefit your business.

Peak Mobile Insights Software Features

Peak Mobile Insights delivers a wide range of useful data on the performance of your mobile workforce devices as well as user behavior. This software is designed to enhance convenience and create a streamlined process for managing all connected devices. Key features include the following:

Device Locator

It’s essential to know where different devices are at any given time. The Peak Mobile Insights locator tool pinpoints devices almost immediately — and with minimal effort. Simply click the serial number to see the device’s location within a map view setting. Special time and date stamps are available to reveal when a given device’s location was last updated.

Battery Health

Devices must be fully charged to achieve their full potential. It can be surprisingly easy, however, to let them run out of battery during a busy day. The battery health feature addresses this problem by sharing the status of each device. This can be categorized as good, warning, or replace. Details on battery discharge and cycles are also provided. If desired, these displays can also offer information on the last known battery status.

Once equipped with these details, it’s far less likely that batteries will suddenly die when out on the road. The result? Swift and dramatic improvements to uptime.

Device Performance

From data usage to app installs, Peak Mobile Insights’ performance function reveals how smartphones or other devices have behaved within the last 24 hours or 30 days. A dashboard displays an easy-to-understand summary of key metrics and updates, including expandable information about various device events.

Application Summary

An application overview section highlights how many mobile apps are installed on each device at a given time, as well as how many have been recently downloaded, updated or used. Additional information includes:

  • Average daily app usage, including mobile and WiFi usage
  • The application’s current version and when it was last updated
  • The size of each application


The functions provided above are all useful on their own, but their real value can be captured when a solid reporting system comes into play. Peak Mobile Insights places key information within easy reach, offering charts and other visualization reports that reveal how all devices are operating in real-time.

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There’s no substitute for detailed mobile insight. Information on application updates, battery status, and other concerns can make a world of difference in an industry with little room for error.

Are you currently searching for mobile device analytics software that gives you the detailed analytics you need to make data-driven decisions? Look to Peak Technologies for a custom solution. Peak Mobile Insights can promote a more proactive approach, so you’re able to tackle minor concerns long before they become big problems.

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