Enterprise Mobile Device Analytics Software

Proactively find and fix mobile device issues

Now more than ever, your workers are dependent on their enterprise mobile devices. These devices have become critical to ensuring the smooth and effective running of many organisations. Effectively managing your mobile devices is a crucial component of managing a mobile workforce; the more business leaders know about device health, performance and connectivity, the more likely they are to achieve maximum uptime and productivity.

Introducing Peak Mobile Insights

PMI is a mobile analytics software solution that offers real-time mobile device data, with the intention of developing a proactive approach to mobile concerns — rather than reacting to unexpected problems, and, ultimately, suffering significant downtime. Our team of experts develop personalized systems that can be called upon to provide critical mobile data when and where it is needed most. 

Enhanced enterprise mobility, visibility & intelligence

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Manage and control mobile issues that negatively affect your workers

With instant business intelligence for planning, proactive decision making and swift problem resolution, PMI allows you to:

  • Improve mobile worker device visibility and control
  • View everything you need in one singular portal
  • Gain access to multiple aspects of your mobile device estate including – app usage & performance, battery health, cellular & Wi-Fi status, device reboots, operating system version and security patch compliance, device utilisation levels, and much more.


Take a closer look at what Peak Mobile Insights has to offer

Get real-time, actionable insight on the health andutilisation of your mobile devices.

Peak Mobile Insights delivers a wide range of useful data on the performance of your mobile workforce devices as well as user behaviour.

This software is designed to enhance convenience and create a streamlined process for managing all connected devices.

Key features include the following:

Device Asset Management

  • View the overall health of all of your mobile device assets in a single dashboard


  • Overall battery Health
  • Discharge rate & usage statistics


  • Current location
  • Last seen location together with time and sate stamp

& OS Compliance

  • OS Version
  • Patch level
  • Exception alerts & dashboard

Device Apps Usage

  • Application version, last updated date
  • Application data usage
  • Number of applications
  • Size of applications, last used date


  • Data usage
  • Device charge level
  • Event list (such as reboot) including event type, event time, and event information
  • Memory usage

Device Drop

  • Detect if a device is dropped or exposed to forceful impacts or rough handling
  • Optimise processes by analyzing drop detection by user, location and RMA analysis


  • Per site utilization reports
  • Device type utilization
  • Overall estate utilization and right-sizing

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Learn more about how PMI can benefit your mobile operations by getting in touch with one of our experts today.