Every business operation demands precision, making the selection of appropriate equipment vital. Choosing gear that fails to meet your demands can trigger detrimental effects, hampering your business output and productivity. Conversely, adding unnecessary high-end features that likely won’t be used will result in financial waste.

For businesses requiring barcode printing, it’s essential to choose a printer that will align with your unique requirements and deliver the print quality you need. In this product comparison article, we will explore the Zebra ZT barcode label printer line to help guide your selection. By exploring various offerings from Zebra Technologies, we aim to support you in identifying the perfect label printing solution that best suits your business.

What to Look for in Barcode Label Printers

Because the needs of companies vary so much, there are many different kinds of barcode printers to choose from. How do you decide what you really need? Here are some aspects of a printer that are important to consider:

  • Industrial Printers vs. Mobile Printers: Industrial printers are designed to print high quantities of barcode labels in a rough and dirty environment. They stay in one place and print thousands of labels a day. Mobile printers do not create the same volume, but they are convenient because they can be carried freely. Depending on your business, you may need to use both types of printers.
  • Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer: These are the two ways to print with thermal barcode printers. Direct thermal labels last for a relatively short amount of time and do not maintain well in heat or sunlight, making them most effective for short-term application. Thermal transfer labels last plenty long, are more durable, but are a bit more expensive.
  • Wireless Communications: How do you plan on communicating with your printer? Some businesses might find wired connections to a computer sufficient. However, for others requiring more flexibility, printers with wireless capabilities such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth might be a more suitable choice.
  • Volume: This is the amount of labels a printer can produce in a given amount of time. Do you need thousands of labels a day, or a few labels every couple of hours? Knowing what kind of output you need will help you to select a printer that can keep up.
  • Features: What add-ons does your printer need? Peeler, Roll Rewind, Cutter, Wireless, Remote Management, etc… Add-ons can really help your business, but you pay for them.

Zebra ZT Printer Comparison

Zebra is one of the leading producers of barcode printers, and their new ZT printer line has something to offer for everyone. This range of Zebra industrial printers includes:

  • ZT200 Series Industrial Printers: The ZT200 is a small, space-saving printer line designed to be easy to use, service, and upgrade. Like all of the ZT printers, it uses Link-OS to communicate with other printers effectively. It is the smallest in the ZT line, which means it cannot produce the volume of labels that the other printers can, and it does not come with the added features many others have. However, it is an effective printer for businesses who are new to barcoding or simply don’t have high printing demands.
  • ZT400 Series Industrial Printers: The ZT400 is a durable line that is stuffed with added features and added RFID capabilities. It is easy to use and highly customizable. While it does not produce the same volume as some of the really high-end printers, the ZT400 is designed with longevity in mind and is a real workhorse; it will grow with your business.
  • ZT510 Industrial Printer: The ZT510 is a rugged industrial printer. It does not come with added features, but it can produce a very high volume. It is able to work 24/7 and its all-metal design makes it very durable. The ZT510 is a great value, ideal for companies who need a high volume without a high price tag.
  • ZT600 Series Industrial Printers: The ZT600 is a rugged industrial printer that comes with many added features. These features make it simple to use and maintain while printing 24/7. It produces a high volume of labels and is highly adaptable. This line of printers was designed to last. It is ideal for businesses that need a high volume of labels and want a printer built for the future.

The Best Printer for Your Business

Zebra makes a wide range of printers because they know that no two businesses are alike. Do you know what you need from a printer and which products, services, and integration options are best for your organization? 

If it’s time to make a decision, the Peak Technologies team of efficiency experts can provide support. With more than twenty years of experience under our belt, our team helps logistics customers manage inventory, strengthen security, and increase production and labor efficiencies.