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Improving consumer confidence on the path towards better food safety

Consumers are concerned about the source, quality, and safety of their food. This could be a make-or-break issue for companies throughout the supply chain as consumers don’t believe they are sufficiently informed. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and more than any other driver, fear of foodborne illnesses or disease is the biggest motivating factor for consumers to learn more about the origin of their food. While advancements have been made previously in food safety, the incidence of foodborne illness in the US has yet to significantly decrease. To ensure the safety and health of their customers, food producers and retailers have a responsibility to continue to improve upon their food safety systems.

Consumers’ Top Five Food Safety Concerns
  1. Restaurant kitchen staff hygiene
  2. Foodborne outbreaks
  3. Illness from contaminated food
  4. Food and beverage recalls
  5. Restaurant wait staff hygiene
Peak’s food safety solutions can help:
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Easily track quality incidents
  • Withdrawal/recall management
  • Secure records, automatically backed-up and available

According to a recent Zebra Vision Study on food safety and the supply chain, both consumers and industry executives responded that the top business consequences of food safety incidents around the world are significant and include financial, reputational, legal, regulatory and co-operative incidents. The last few years have brought about long-lasting changes in consumer demands around food. Major shifts towards curbside and e-commerce deliveries will continue to only add to the pressure, but technology can play a key role in meeting these demands by optimizing food supply chain resilience. Using technology to extend traceability capabilities can help maintain food safety and security during this and other public health crises, as well as better manage supply chain imbalances caused by market disruptions.

Food Traceability Solutions

Food and beverage enterprises have recognized that arming staff with the right tools for the job is essential to winning consumer trust. Peak’s automated food safety solution consists of:

  • Mobile devices
  • Thermometers/sensors
  • Food safety software
  • Compliance facilitators
  • Peak service and support

Peak Technologies can serve the role as a compliance facilitator to help untangle food safety requirements so you don’t have to. Peak Technologies can consult on what your specific solutions requires and create an actionable audit and training plan to help implement new procedures. Once your solution is in place, the Peak team will continue to monitor your food safety system to validate its efficiency and give you peace of mind that your operation is compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.

Success Stories


Before working with Peak Technologies, a grocery chain operating 250+ stores had always used pen and paper to meet food safety monitoring requirements. The grocery chain assumed that this was the least complicated and most cost-effective method to keep the necessary records, but was it really?

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