Click & Collect Software Solutions

Connect eCommerce & Retail Stores Seamlessly

eCommerce looks little like it did just a few short years ago. No longer is digital shopping strictly relegated to online shopping and shipping — these days, customers are active participants who want the flexibility to shop online and easily pick up products at a convenient, nearby location.

Enter click and collect solutions. Commonly referred to as buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), this approach gives customers an alternative to traditional home delivery. By integrating digital shopping and in-person pick up into a single, streamlined process, this solution reduces delivery times and delivery costs, offers a better customer experience, and much more. 

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Empower Your Customers & Business with BOPIS

Click and collect enables consumers to swap traditional shipping with in-person pickup at checkout. Rather than navigating the retail store in person, they browse products and purchase online, then elect to pick up items from a particular store or centralized location (and avoid waiting for said products to ship). Customers are then instructed on where, when, and how to pick up their purchases. 

Offering this option allows retailers to truly embrace the possibilities of a multichannel environment, not to mention, improved inventory management across all channels and reduced shipping costs.

For this process to work seamlessly, eCommerce businesses must implement a dedicated click and collect software solution that is easily integrated within existing point of sale (POS) systems. This is where Peak Technologies’ M-Netics Retail Software suite can help.

Connect eCommerce & Retail Stores Seamlessly

At Peak Technologies, we’re proud to offer a click and collect module within our M-Netics suite that optimizes the modern click and collect experience. This strategic system allows your business to:

Send SMS or email notifications to customers.

Automate notifications to let customers know when items will be available and how they can be retrieved.

Receive incoming parcels.

Items meant for click and collect undergo a targeted receiving process, which may be adjusted to reflect ad-hoc orders.

Retrieve products from storage.

Remote pick options make it easier to retrieve stored items efficiently. This boosts product availability and keeps the process moving quickly.

Hand off to customers.

Our module ensures proper handover to the appropriate customers in the chosen location, with signatures captured to verify success.

Allow customers to send 'on my way' notifications.

With the click of a button, customers can indicate when they're getting ready to pick up purchases in person.

Store shopping bags.

This functionality gives customers the flexibility to keep their click and collect purchases stored away while they browse additional items in-store.

Manage uncollected or returned items.

If a given product handoff is not completed as scheduled, the items can easily be reabsorbed back into the stock.

Optimize for best-selling items.

Improve ease of access for in-demand products, which can enhance convenience while also boosting the total value of customer orders.

Provide information on sales history to all parties.

Retailers can leverage this data to improve future efforts, and customers will be encouraged to make repeat purchases.

How Click & Collect Can Help Your Enterprise Business

If you want maximum flexibility for your customers, there’s no substitute for click and collect. The right software solution will ensure that BOPIS processes are easy to manage, even when newly adopted omnichannel systems seem complex. Top benefits of click and collect systems include:


Our software provides real-time tracking through every stage of the experience. Throughout this process, extensive data is collected and analyzed, so you can identify opportunities for improvement going forward.


Our software boosts accuracy during both the picking and handoff stages, so customers always receive the products they expect — at the right time and in the right place.

Connections between channels.

Customers desire the ability to shift between in-person and virtual shopping at a moment's notice. Click and collect gives them the flexibility they demand, without compromising oversight at the enterprise level.

Easy implementation.

Our click and collect services can be integrated into existing processes to ensure a seamless transition.

All this enables customers to craft the shopping experience they desire. Depending on personal preferences, this might involve store pickup, curbside pickup, or a completely contactless procedure. No matter their selected pickup location or protocol, customers can expect to receive helpful notifications and impeccable service every step of the way.

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