Automated Print and Apply

Most label applications are still done by hand. This inevitably slows up the production line for many businesses. Working in partnership with Cobalt Systems, we can supply you with label applicator machinery which greatly speeds up the process of labelling in your organisation and minimises the risk of errors. With our clients, we have planned, installed, and implemented labelling solutions (hardware and software) within retail, manufacturing, and healthcare organisations. The label applicator machinery completely removes the need for employees to hand label, streamlining your operation with no downtime. Working with Peak Technologies, we can install hardware and the related software into your business to machine automate your labelling as well as provide you with a bespoke consumables plan which saves your organisation money and reduces the cost of ongoing ownership of your label applicator machinery.

Case Labelling

Our case labelling solution offers multi-side labelling – on the side, the top, the front, the bottom, and on two adjacent sides (the recommended solution for corner wrap around labelling).

There is a straightforward adaption and has an upgrade path which future-proofs the equipment as packing line requirements changes. The case labelling hardware can be standalone, be part of a continuous operation system, or we can program it to receive information from your remote source or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

Pack Labelling

Achieving 80 packs per minute on one single head (or 180 with multi-head continuous operation), the pack labelling services offered by Peak Technologies offer high speed shrink-wrapped pack TUC labelling performed to the highest industry standards. TUC labels can be applied on the fastest lines on the side or front of the packaging – there is no need to turn your packs to print. Given the growing importance of rationalisation of package, label content specific to individual countries, serialisation and the GS1-128 barcode standard, our systems work to the required specifications for both control and security (as well as print quality and label application).

Pallet Labelling

Applying labels to 2 adjacent sides of moving pallets (up to 240 pallets per hour) and meeting GS1 global standards for SSCC pallet labelling, our pallet labelling equipment’s radial arms affixed the first label to the facing side as it approaches, receiving the second one straight after to apply it to the pallet’s side as it passes the arm or stops next to it.

2D codes are used on the TUC case/pack labels which include line/batch information which can be read automatically or semi-automatically to provide the information needed to populate and print the SSCC labels.

With the pallet manager software, you achieve full control on all pallet labelling activities including an optional pallet volume profile. Our system ensures that all pallets are correctly labelled with verified barcodes, validated sequences and correct case counts, all of which are reported back to and logged in the ERP system.

Continuous Operation – Print And Apply

For companies with high speed packaging requirements, Peak Technologies can install a system which does not need to stop for replenishment or preventative maintenance, operating at a speed of 40 packs per minute or more.

Designed to be both modular and easily scalable, these stand-alone systems can be combined to become a continuous operating system by adding the correct control module.

The continuous operation systems we install are dynamic and offer both greater lifetime value and a greater return on investment than simpler switch-over systems. If there is a poor application of a barcode, a second head applies one label going back into standby which gives a second chance for label application.

The systems offer intelligent monitoring and low media warnings alert operates to requirements on loading and maintenance.

If you need more than on head to keep up with peak production, you can extend system to three heads with the first 2 sharing the load and the third operating as a standby. Our system achieves 99.98% efficiency on packs labelled with barcode verification for quality and validated on pack.

Depending on your physical environment, we can install a space-friendly system bespoke to your location and output requirements.

Where Can Our Labels Be Applied To On Your Packages?
Top apply, front apply, back apply, side apply, front and side apply, front and side wraparound, bottom apply.

Label Software

Peak Technologies will provide your company with the latest software to create easily and quickly barcode and RFID labels. With our software, you’ll be able to:


In addition to supplying companies with cost-effective and highly-efficient labelling solutions, Peak Technologies also provides customers with a “Print Plan”.

By narrowing down the range of labels and ribbons you need backed up with online- and telephone-based support and a preventative maintenance and cleaning schedule, we’ll reduce both the cost of consumables and the cost of ownership for your equipment.

You can choose from a variety of different label formats (thermal transfer, direct thermal, polyethylene, and polypropylene) in a range of shapes and sizes (including bespoke for your company). We can also supply you with adhesives, ribbons, RFID labels, tags, wristbands, plastic cards, and printed receipts.

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