Locus Robotics

Meet LocusBot: The Future of Warehouse Automation

LocusBot is the industry’s most technologically advanced autonomous mobile robot, incorporating the latest visualization and navigational elements. Its lightweight design allows it to be highly efficient, cost-effective and safe to operate alongside your team members. As the only solution provider in North America, Peak Technologies is your partner for bringing robotics solutions and maximum productivity to your warehouse.

See the difference robotics automation can make

Increase Efficiency & Accuracy with Locus Warehouse Robotics Technology

With increasing competition, costs, and expectations in the eCommerce and order fulfillment space, efficiency and accuracy are essential for any business. Locus solutions is here to help with cutting-edge picking robots and other technologies that maximize throughput and minimize disruptions in the supply chain.

Helping Customers Operate Better

“Helping Customers Operate Better” is our mantra. We work with businesses to seamlessly introduce robotics into their warehouse operations and increase their productivity.