Mobile Device Lifecycle Management Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Tech Support

We’re all in this together. Peak Technologies’ Help Desk continues to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing offsite support for your business and ensuring decreased downtime for your mobile devices. Contact us today.

For over 30 years, Peak Technologies has been a leader in providing mobile device depot repair services and OEM warranty management. With state-of-the-art depot repair centers in the US, Canada and Europe, our highly trained staff provide cost-effective and timely services for delivering quality repairs. Peak Technologies also manages the manufacturers’ depot repair processes, making it easy to have multi-manufacturer support under a single contract regardless of whether you have consumer-type devices, like Apple iPhones and Android smartphones, rugged or a mixed mobile estate.

If your business is in need of mobile support services, reach out to our team of experts to see how we could help.

Advanced Exchange / Spares Management

The Advanced Exchange / Spares Management Program offers maximum protection from downtime and minimizes the disruption caused to your operations when a device needs to be repaired or replaced with a new device. Peak Technologies manages your installed mobile device base using a customer-owned spares pool, which is maintained at our depot facility. Whenever needed, pre-configured replacement units are shipped to your facility overnight. Simply return the failed unit to the depot center, and it will be repaired and placed into the available spare pool inventory.

By leveraging the Advanced Exchange program, less internal resources are required from your side to manage buffer stock, track assets, configure and stage devices. In addition, reporting and fault analysis data is easily available through the Prism Portal customer portal to enable information-driven business decisions.

Key Features & Benefits

Mobile Solution Help Desk

Peak Technologies offers a full range of Help Desk services to support your mobile deployments within the supply chain and mobile workforce. We have the industry knowledge and technical know-how to deliver device support solutions that provide companies the edge they need in today’s competitive marketplace. The Help Desk provides centralized, consistent support service for your mobile end-users, giving you the freedom to focus on your core competencies. The main goal is to increase the first-call resolution rate, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Our team focuses on isolating the caller’s issues, for example, OS or app upgrades and issues, connectivity difficulties, and device level configuration/functionality.

The Peak Technologies Help Desk provides an immediate point of contact for technical query resolution to maximize uptime, productivity and predictability across the mobile workforce. Our aim is to provide your internal support teams with a place and person to come to and log all incidents related to the mobile technology you use.

Help Desk features include:

Trust the Peak Technologies experts to manage your enterprise’s devices through the lifecycle from setup to device end-of-life. Contact us to learn more.