Service and Support

Peak Technologies Professional Services And Annual Service Agreements

For over 20 years we have been digitising manual processes for our clients using technologies such mobile computing, AutoID, RFID and more recently augmented reality and virtual reality. Peak Technologies provide hardware, software, device management, device staging, onsite installation, training, and maintenance for seamless integration of digital solutions. Our professional services offerings are available to help design, deploy and adopt the right solutions for your company. This ensures maximum productivity, protection and profitability for your technology investment.

Consult & Design




The Helpdesk

The Help Desk team provides Peak Technologies clients with a fast and efficient way to resolve issues of most complexities that may arise from client business processes and needs through the leveraging of state of the art technology and professional, expert industry standards training, by way of phone, email and remote support, finally culminating in on-site engineer visits if deemed necessary.

Professional Services

At Peak Technologies we are with you every step of the way to consult and design the solution that matches your business’s needs. Our professional service experts will consult with you to design your solution, integrate this solution with existing systems and validate that your solution is working how it is meant to as well as offering after sales support and maintenance.

Migrating to Android

Microsoft ended support for the Windows CE and Windows embedded operating systems in January 2020. This means that organisations that are using these operating systems are unsupported. As part of our managed mobility offering Peak Technologies can provide support and assistance throughout this migration process, making the switch easier.