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SOTI Inc. is an industry leader in enterprise mobility solutions. They are a proven innovator in mobile and IoT device management. Globally, over 17,000 companies depend on SOTI to transform their business by taking mobility to endless possibilities.

Peak Technologies is a SOTI Platinum Level Partner.

Everything you need to make your business go mobile, in one place.

Tired of juggling various mobility apps and platforms
while trying to grow your business?

Your time is precious. And you’ve got a budget to stick to.

Don’t lose any more time or money trying to make a patchwork solution out of all the different enterprise mobility apps when you can get everything your business needs, all in one place.

The SOTI ONE Platform is your all-in-one enterprise mobility toolbox. You’ll never need to look elsewhere again. Contact our team at Peak Technologies to learn more about how this suite of mobility management tools can help your business.

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The SOTI ONE Platform is your ticket to quicker, more robust mobile operations with no blind spots or costly setbacks.

This platform connects all aspects of business mobility including app development, device deployment and management, diagnostic intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) management and community support.

These are the solutions you’ll find within the SOTI ONE platform:

  • SOTI MobiControl for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • SOTI XSight for Diagnostic and Analytics Intelligence
  • SOTI Snap for Rapid App Development
  • SOTI Connect for Lifecycle Management of IoT Devices
  • SOTI Identity for Secure Access

Free up your workforce and keep tabs on every device you own with SOTI MobiControl. Empower your team to accomplish anything, from anywhere.

Manage devices across the world as if they were in your hands. Troubleshoot device issues in real time the moment they occur.

The best part: you’ll never have to see another spreadsheet again.

SOTI MobiControl works with all your devices:
  • Rugged handheld computers
  • Rugged and consumer tablets
  • Mobile phones
  • Vehicle mount computers
  • Wearable devices
And with any Operating System (OS):
  • Android: Plus and Enterprise
  • Apple: iOS and macOS
  • Microsoft Windows: Mobile / CE, Classic Desktop and Modern Desktop
  • Linux

SOTI MobiControl

Spot and solve problems with your devices before they cost you time or money, using SOTI XSight.

Root out problems by revealing trends in your devices’ battery usage, network coverage, application and data usage, and more.

Connect to all devices remotely, access their device screen and then annotate and draw on a whiteboard to share how to fix issues step-by-step.

Leave your IT helpdesk and support colleagues with recordings showing how to diagnose and solve similar issues in the future.

Build a custom app for your business in minutes with SOTI Snap. No coders needed.

SOTI Snap lets you skip coding school and build software like a pro, with zero experience. Just drag and drop the features you need through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

You’ll have your whole team using your dream app in no time.

Take the headache out of IoT management with SOTI Connect.

Printers, sensors, handsets—effortlessly manage them all from anywhere in the world. Automate their maintenance and enjoy full visibility and control at all times. No more device blind spots.

Watch your devices’ total cost of ownership drop as a result.

Choose who can use your devices and customize levels of access with SOTI Identity.

Modify permissions and update credentials on the fly.

Use zero-touch enrollment to cut the manual busywork of setting up a device and get straight to using it.

SOTI Identity

See how businesses like yours are using the SOTI ONE Platform

These companies saw their productivity increase and their costs decrease by using SOTI ONE. You can too.

“Our drivers are now fully connected to the information they need in the field. This ensures our customers receive the best delivery experience. SOTI has played a critical role in helping us to improve our operations.”

"We are using SOTI to manage over 1,000 devices. Without remote access to each device, limiting device downtime and scaling our operations would be a really difficult task. SOTI has allowed us to focus on productivity and performance as key targets that we monitor on a daily basis."

Benefits of the SOTI ONE Platform

Concerned about setting up the SOTI ONE Platform?

As a SOTI partner, our team of specialists here at Peak Technologies will handle setup for you, from pre-planning to deployment. All you need to do is enjoy your new time and cost savings.

Need just one or two of the SOTI solutions, rather than the whole platform?

We’ll build you a custom solution with the specific tools you need. No frills—just everything you need to make your business more mobile, agile and productive.

What about support down the line?

Our specialists will stick by your side long after deployment, to make sure you’re getting the productivity and efficiency boosts your business needs. Our support team is always just a phone call or email away.


Unlike other mobility management solution providers, SOTI has been operating since 1995 and has over 17,000 customers across over 40 countries. The SOTI ONE Platform isn’t just a free add-on service thrown in with a device purchase or upgrade. It’s part of your digital transformation strategy, built by mobility specialists, for the sole purpose of helping your business-critical mobile devices, by using the most secure technology on the market.

Contact Peak Technologies today to learn more about how the SOTI ONE platform can help improve your business operations.


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