You can’t be everywhere at once, but Fixed Industrial Scanning solutions from Zebra will allow you to see everything at once. With the increasingly high expectations placed on order fulfillment, optimizing each step that gets products moving quicker means higher output, and in the end more satisfied customers.

Trust the latest Fixed Industrial Scanning solution to transform your areas that are challenged with a slower pace or human error to become places of highest accuracy and enhanced throughput.

Reach your full output potential with Peak Technologies and Zebra. The right solution will turn current challenges and weaknesses, into strengths and wins.

Let FIS Optimize Your Process

Optimize your order fulfillment by taking advantage of hands-free scanning. Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners can quickly read codes on packages and parcels and will streamline processes and empower workers. End the costly practice of employees stopping, setting items down, and manually scanning!  Peak Technologies can install FIS systems that can accomplish this as personnel move assets from one area to another or out of doorways.

Streamline your forklift and pallet scanning with Fixed Industrial Scanning. Fewer steps and fewer manual entries mean less opportunities to introduce errors. Get all the benefits of traditional scan tunnels with more customization at lower costs.

Advance your print and apply automation by automating print & apply processes. Peak Technologies will upgrade your print and apply workflows to minimize worker effort and reduce tasks downstream all while preventing labeling errors by ensuring they’re correct and readable.

The functionality of Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners means every item and package may be tracked and traced automatically. As products travel through your manufacturing, storage, and fulfillment operations, you can rely on reliable decoding performance.

Step Up Your Efficiency Today

Invest with confidence knowing that your Fixed Industrial Scanning solution is not only future forward, but also ready to connect with your existing system thanks to the shared Aurora software across Zebra devices.

Contact Peak Technologies now to embrace the next era of fixed industrial scanning with unparalleled support. Our accredited system engineers, as a trusted Zebra partner, create tailored end-to-end solutions that position our clients for years of success. Contact us directly by dialing 1-888-492-6346 or filling out a brief form.