Are you ready to bring the most powerful and reliable fixed scanning solution to your warehouse?

In today’s supply chain, inventory moves at an unprecedented rate and even the slightest delay can put enormous strain on end-to-end fulfillment. Fixed Industrial Scanning solutions from Zebra empower your operations to rest assured labeling is correct, readable, and ready for outbound shipment.  With Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanning, you can maximize your team’s performance, reach your full operational potential, and satisfy more customers.

Take the leap into the next great advancement in fixed industrial scanning with Peak Technologies and Zebra.

Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanning Devices

Every item and package may be tracked automatically using Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners. As products travel through your manufacturing, finished goods warehousing, and fulfillment operations, you can count on reliable scanning performance. 

Take complete control of data capture capabilities – address complicated imaging requirements with features that make it simple to get the proper depth of field, reading distance, and lighting to capture even the most difficult barcodes – the first time, every time. Select the imager type and resolution, as well as the field of view and any external lenses and lighting.

Enjoy industry leading scanning reliability – ImagePerfect+ records 16 separate photographs on a single item, each with its unique settings, ensuring a great image every time. You can also capture even the most difficult 1D/2D barcodes and direct part marks quickly with PRZM Intelligent Imaging.

With the shared Aurora software across Zebra devices, invest with confidence knowing your Fixed Industrial Scanning solution is not only future proof, but ready to integrate with your existing system.

Why Peak Technologies?

Why choose Peak Technologies to handle the design, implementation and support of your Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanning solution?  Peak Technologies is a trusted Zebra Partner.  Peak Technologies has certified system engineers who deliver customized solutions for your business.  With Peak Technologies, we don’t simply sell you the equipment.  We provide end-to-end solutions to assure you select the right equipment for your company and that it is installed and working correctly.

Peak Technologies is YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER for successful integration of Fixed Industrial Scanning.  We will stay with your company throughout the process, ensuring you years of success with Zebra products.  Peak will deliver quality system integration and on-time deployment for your business.

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