Peak Analytics, a no-code, plug-and-play system that enables complete supply chain visibility across the entire distribution lifecycle, will be demonstrated at ProMat 2023

Linthicum Heights, MD (March 20, 2023) Peak Technologies, a provider of digital supply chain and mobile workforce solutions, introduces Peak Analytics, a powerful supply chain AI and image recognition solution for high-volume logistics. Peak will conduct live demos of the solution at ProMat 2023 (booth S459).

Peak Analytics will give users the actionable intelligence they need to solve key business challenges, such as:

  • Real-time monitoring of every package, sorting non-stop 
  • Automated identification of problematic packages, reducing returns and chargebacks 
  • Equipment health and performance monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency

Currently deployed in over 1,800 tunnels and 200 buildings nationally, Peak Analytics – formerly known as Siena Analytics – gives logistics operations the ability to capture key information about package quality by harnessing the power of image recognition and AI. By utilizing sensors placed at the edge within warehouses, Peak Analytics delivers real-time data about the condition of every package, allowing companies to identify problem inventory at the source.

Peak Analytics is a vendor-agnostic, no-code AI solution for retail, shipping and logistics that captures real-time data as packages move through scanning tunnels, immediately identifying common vendor compliance problems such as missing barcodes or misprinted labels. It lets users browse a searchable database of package images and dimensions, build sophisticated actionable dashboards for use on the distribution center floor, and run in-depth, usable analytics at the package, tunnel, facility and/or enterprise level.

“The modular design of Peak Analytics leverages the scanning data captured in package tunnels into powerful tools that retail, shipping and logistics operations can use to improve the performance of multiple areas of their business,” said Tony Rivers, president and CEO, Peak Technologies.The Peak Analytics solution is a modular platform consisting of three insight components:

Tunnel Insights: The core Peak Analytics product, Tunnel Insights captures images, dimensions and barcode data for every package scanned, generating live feeds in both TunnelView and equipment-specific dashboards. This allows companies to diagnose maintenance and package issues quicker to maximize equipment uptime.

As packages move through the tunnel, Package Intelligence populates the system data table with six-sided images, barcode IDs and dimensions. On-site users can see which camera successfully decoded the barcode. Dashboards display read rates for each camera in the tunnel to ensure equipment is working properly.

Tunnel Insights automatically shares all its data with the Facility Insights and Learning Insights modules. It also provides a powerful resource to rapidly identify and diagnose maintenance and package issues, identify and resolve no-reads, monitor sensor performance and help maximize equipment uptime.

Facility Insights: From a single tunnel to an entire facility – or across the enterprise – logistics operations use the data captured by Tunnel Insights to generate customizable AI reports with Facility Insights for real-time analytics into the performance of their scanning system. The solution allows companies to identify systemic issues for supply chain planning to maintain operations.

Customizable AI functionality takes the millions of tunnel images captured every day and uses them to create reports, dashboards and alerts that provide the Package Intelligence needed to better manage and optimize sorting and shipping operations.

Up to 50 million scan events per day can become more than 50 million AI inferences about the performance and recommended improvements needed in shipping operations. This gives operations the ability to identify systemic issues for supply chain planning, apply rich analytics to detect sorting operations bottlenecks and improve capacity utilization by comparing dimension measurements against vendor manifests.

Learning Insights: This component leverages the full power of AI to create, deploy and run models that enable logistics operations to automatically detect and classify problem packages before they become costly issues. It identifies the reasons for no-reads: torn or split bars, labels obscured by straps, poorly-printed labels or cameras improperly focused.

Learning Insights is the only end-to-end, no-code solution for training and deploying AI models unique to each company’s supply chain. It applies sophisticated algorithms to business logic based on specific, custom business needs.

It provides solutions to persistent challenges, such as automatically detecting and classifying problem packages for action steps. Learning Insights also makes it easier to automate quality control and exception handling, more rapidly detect delivery and vendor issues, and analyze and compare patterns from dimension measurements against vendor manifests.

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