Full-service grocery distributor relies on Peak Technologies’ innovative mobile workforce solutions to drive performance-based results

Columbia, MD – February 9, 2021 – Peak-Ryzex inc. (now Peak Technologies), a provider of digital supply chain and mobile workforce solutions, announced today that River Valley Foods has partnered with Peak Technologies to upgrade to a new fleet of customized Zebra TC57 and TC77 rugged mobile devices with the MCL mobility platform.

With the sunsetting of wireless carrier 3G networks, River Valley Foods required a full mobile computer refresh while transitioning to 4G connectivity and Android-enabled mobile devices. They also needed to update their legacy software and mobile inventory application without re-writing software at the code level.

The goal was a mobile computer upgrade to 4G wireless and Android that could provide accurate and dependable inventory tracking, and a seamless software upgrade that would not disrupt the field reps or require extensive training.

“These mobile devices are our bread and butter, so any downtime can be detrimental to our business,” said Dan Amidon, hardware/systems manager at River Valley Foods

To address these concerns, Peak Technologies recommended the Zebra TC57 and TC77 rugged mobile devices and a new MCL4 mobility application that could provide the same functionality as the old system, while adding several new features such as real-time synchronization and database updates.

“Peak Technologies provided enhanced features while mirroring our older applications to make training and usage simple for our field reps. We’ve partnered with Peak Technologies for several years, and the relationship is still strong because of the level of expertise they have to find the right solution to meet our needs,” said Amidon.

The new application was so similar to the existing system, training could be done remotely and did not require extensive retraining. This meant that field reps would no longer need to be pulled from a job for several days to attend training at River Valley Foods’ main office in upstate New York, saving River Valley costly travel expenses and field sales downtime.

“Our partnership with River Valley is a great example of how deploying an innovative solution can drive performance improvements and enable our customers to deliver an enhanced customer experience,” said Pat Shriane, VP Services, Peak Technologies.

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