Voice-Directed Warehousing Services

Streamline Operations and Increase Productivity with Voice Technology

Voice capabilities are no longer a nice-to-have but are instead recognized as essential components of fully optimized warehouse management systems. Voice-directed solutions are typically carried out through use of a headset and enable workers to use a “heads up, hands free” approach to completing tasks. This can lead to improved picking accuracy and more efficient workflows overall. 

Peak Technologies provides a suite of comprehensive solutions for voice-enabled logistics that offer significant improvements for worker productivity and processing accuracy. Our solutions consist of voice picking software, hardware, and additional services that optimize the full spectrum of warehouse operations for greater accuracy and flexibility in supply chain execution. Our expert team will work with yours to enhance operational control and equip your workers to operate “head up, hands free” and with greater speed. 

Adding automation to labor-intensive logistics tasks including order picking, receiving, loading, replenishment, and put away can also lead to reduced costs. Contact us to learn how the combination of Peak Technologies’ functional business process experience with warehouse and distribution center operations together with our industry-leading voice solutions can help your business.

Voice-Directed Warehouse Benefits

The benefits of voice-directed solutions in the supply chain include:

Improved Productivity.

More tasks per worker per shift. The voice-enabled worker performs tasks with his or her head up and hands free. Liberated from tasks that tax productivity, such as scanning, reading pick lists, and writing or keying in information, productivity improvements of 20% and higher are possible.

Increased Accuracy

By issuing workers exact instructions, confirming tasks and correcting errors in real-time, near 100% accuracy is achievable. A single error incurs a series of costs in correcting that error, from returns, re-picking, and re-shipping to reduced customer satisfaction. Improvements of even a fraction of a percentage can represent significant savings.

Reduced Warehouse Labor Costs

A safer work environment, decreased training time for new workers, less worker time spent on administrative tasks, and lower turnover are among the range of labor costs reduced.

Reduced Material Costs

Costs of printers, paper, and other material associated with alternate methods of order selection are reduced or eliminated.

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