Transportation & Logistics Services

Supply Chain Management Solutions

For transportation and logistics companies, tracking of goods and movement of products through the entire supply chain and distribution process is essential to gaining efficiency in your supply chain operations and controlling costs. It also has a major bearing today on customer satisfaction and retention.

There are many factors that need to be considered — everything from warehousing inventory control to trucking fleet management, mobility solutions, routing, and telematics. Outsourcing some of these end-to-end supply chain strategies is the key to simplifying the process for your team. That’s where Peak Technologies can help. With a suite of automation and mobile workforce solutions and an expert team of engineers, we can help you find the right systems for your business processes, install and configure it to your specifications, and manage it going forward.

Peak Technologies’ Transportation & Logistics Management Services

Peak Technologies provides integrated solutions to enable you to accurately track goods in the supply chain and provide applications such as:

We have successfully implemented hundreds of systems in the T&L market and understand customer needs. As an end-to-end provider we deliver the entire solution from software application, hardware platform, connectivity and managed services. Our knowledge in managing over 200,000 mobile devices is something our customers can leverage to provide a turnkey solution that is flawlessly implemented to run with maximum uptime.

For cost-effective supply chain logistics and transportation services you can trust, contact Peak Technologies today.