Cloud-Managed Networking with ExtremeCloud IQ

Cloud-Managed Networking

Machine Learning and AI-driven Wired and Wireless Network Management

Intuitive Configuration Workflows, Real-Time and Historical Monitoring, Comprehensive Troubleshooting and Integrated Network Applications

Cloud-managed networking with ExtremeCloud IQ is an industry-leading and visionary approach to cloud-driven networking, with a single intelligent dashboard for wired & wireless networks. Built from the ground up to take full advantage of Extreme Networks end-to-end networking solution, ExtremeCloud IQ delivers unified, full-stack management of wireless access points, switches, and routers and enables onboarding, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and more. Using innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, ExtremeCloud IQ analyzes and interprets millions of network and user data points, from the network edge to the data center, to power actionable business and IT insights, and deliver new levels of network automation and intelligence.

Effortless Networking

Streamline your IT network operations with cloud-managed networking and improve your business through applied intelligence with a single dashboard for your complete network infrastructure.

Deployment Flexibility

Scale up and out across the public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises platforms with a solution tailored to your needs.

Actionable Insights

Visualize meaningful data to advance IT and business operations and customer experience.

Cloud-Management Networking is a Network Wired & Wireless Management Platform with Access Control and Business Insights

ExtremeCloud IQ, from Extreme Networks,  is built with the 4th generation cloud-services networking management platform on containerized microservices and orchestrated by a Kubernetes infrastructure.The cloud-services architecture is capable of supporting millions of infrastructure devices and hundreds of millions of clients per regional data center. All Extreme Cloud Services components are hosted in secure SOC Type 1 data centers with 24/7 monitoring, scheduled backups, and built-in disaster recovery capabilities.

Free eBook

Cloud Managed Networking for Dummies

This eBook, from Extreme Networks,  can help you identify how cloud-managed networking can help you simplify, grow, and secure your network while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.