Mobile Workstations

Mobile Powered Workstation Solutions – Your Power to Process Improvement

During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, mobile workstations provide the freedom your operation needs to fully leverage your wireless facility and untether both your employees and your productivity. In addition, it allows you to easily maintain social distancing.

Your workstations can move anywhere they are needed within your supply chain and distribution center and the ergonomic design brings the benefit of accommodating a small footprint and a comfortable and efficient workspace. Built to stand up to the rigors of the harshest industrial environments, the workstations allow workers to be more mobile and gain productivity in their applications, without months of planning or implementation.

Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse operations are all about flexibility and mobility: From material handling operations that involve order picking to packaging and shipping management, a stationary workplace would greatly hinder the workflow, which is needed to maintain high productivity and profitability. 

The Peak Technologies team has years of experience in the supply chain industry, which allows them to help in the selection and setup of a system that meets your business requirements.

Newcastle Systems Mobile Carts

Peak Technologies offers the full line of Newcastle Systems mobile powered carts for auto-ID technology, computers and more.

Newcastle Systems’ innovative battery powered workstations and non-powered carts are designed to make high-volume barcode printers, computers, scanners, scales, and other equipment truly mobile – enabling you to perform your task or operation anywhere in a facility.

Mobile powered workstations allow you to eliminate costly footsteps, print on-demand, and reduce labeling errors. Have continuous, full screen, real-time access to your WMS, ERP, or ADC software anywhere in your facility. The integrated mobile power system provides consistent, reliable run time for virtually any application requiring “portable power”.

Mobile Workstation

Newcastle Systems brings you:

  • 75% reduction in overtime
  • 63% increase in receiving volume
  • $5,000 reduction in labor costs per operator

Peak Technologies offers the following:

  • Economical “EC Series” Powered Workstations – Economical, compact utility cart for retail, warehouse/distribution and more. Small footprint makes it perfect for narrow aisles and small spaces.
  • Mid-Range “NB Series” Powered Workstations – Fully mobile workstation to meet the needs of retail, warehouse/dc and more. 24″ x 22″ work surface, integrated power strip, power package, adjustable shelves, etc.
  • Heavy-Duty “PC Series” Powered Workstations – Consists of 30″ and 48″ deep workstations that are designed for ease of mobility. Integrated power strip, power package, adjustable shelves and more.
  • Workstation Accessories – Full line of accessories that can be integrated to any cart series in seconds to create a highly functional mobile equipment workstation.
  • Stand-Alone Power Packages – Competitively-priced units that consist of an inverter, smart charger, battery, battery status meter, and ventilated cabinets.

To learn more about the Newcastle Systems lineup of versatile workstation carts from Peak Technologies, click on the following:

Keep employees working at safe distances in addition to these benefits:

75% Reduction in

63% Increase in

90% Reduction in
Labeling Errors

30% Increase in
Pick Rates

3-6 Month ROI

Highly Configurable

Newcastle Systems mobile workstations can be configured for any industry or application. From raw materials receiving in manufacturing, inventory control and cycle counting in the distribution center, or used for shelf labeling and sign printing on the retail floor, these workstations have the flexibility to be customized to get the job done faster, eliminating the need for workers to travel back and forth to a centralized location.
  • Run up to four devices at once for complete shifts
  • Easy adjustment with slotted shelf set-up
  • Robust line of accessories
  • Available in an a variety of cart widths to meet a diverse range of footprints
Let us help you with your COVID-19 distancing, sanitizing & tracing solutions.

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The speed and accuracy of labeling impacts all downstream warehouse operations- save time and money with Mobile power- see how.