Not all web browsers are created equal, especially when deploying Internet Transaction Server (ITS) Mobile for SAP technology! Enterprises often deploy ITS Mobile on a stock browser such as Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, only to encounter slow performance that limits the productivity of mobile workers. If you’re still using a stock browser, chances are you are missing out on opportunities to increase warehouse productivity.

Ivanti (Powered by Wavelink) VelocityCE is an enterprise browser built for mobile operating systems that helps your operation get the most out of your ITS Mobile investment. With VelocityCE, pages render quickly—even on old CE operating systems—run in full screen mode, provide application side device lockdown, mitigate damage done by wireless disconnects, and style your pages for specific devices without any application changes.

Below are six reasons to explore using Ivanti (Powered by Wavelink) VelocityCE as your web browser when deploying ITS Mobile on your devices.

Server Side Rendering of Web Pages

This allows the web application to load on a device (like a CE5 device) very quickly without requiring its own browser engine to render the page. Older devices with stock browsers on them are notoriously bad at rendering web pages. VelocityCE uses WebKit, the rendering engine developed (and open sourced) by Apple and used by Safari. Bottom line—fast rendering speeds all of the time. 

Server Side Management of User Sessions

The session persistence of VelocityCE enables workers to roam out of wireless coverage, see delays in roaming between access points (APs), and even swap a battery or reboot a unit without having any negative impact to connectivity or application performance. With server side management, users won’t be kicked out of the application if a device loses its connection. Configurable timeouts allow for users to go idle without orphaning the session. Even users who forget to log out will not have their information lost, and will be able to pick right back up where they left off.

Client-Side Overwriting of Application Style Sheets

This is more important than it sounds, and allows for the adjustment of font sizes, colors, input box sizes, page widths, etc, on individual mobile devices.  For instance, when running ITS Mobile, button sizes and default page widths set for ½ VGA devices, such as the Zebra VH8300 vehicle mount computer, will display poorly on a ¼ VGA device like the Zebra MC9300 rugged mobile computer. This hinders the user experience for the person using the MC9300. IT teams can implement code modifications to address display issues, but these are often at the expense of valuable screen real estate. However, because VelocityCE features client side overwriting of application style sheets, all available real estate can be optimized on both VH8300 and the MC9300. One custom style sheet can be easily created for each of these devices to optimize the display screen real estate without modifying any application code.

Client-Side Application-like Experience within a Web Browser

VelocityCE’s lockdown capabilities help ensure employee productivity within your ITS Mobile deployment. Hide all the menu bars, windows start menus, scrollbars, web address/URL bar, etc., to keep mobile workers focused on the task at hand without the distraction of being able to access undesired applications. By simply streamlining the client side experience, user productivity skyrockets through ease of access.

Function keys work how the application developer intended

When running ITS Mobile within a web browser like Internet Explorer (IE), you are at the mercy of letting all keypresses pass through IE to the web application.  Two function keys that are used throughout ITS Mobile are F5 and F7.  When these buttons are pressed in Internet Explorer they are hijacked by the browser and perform a page refresh and a zoom – never reaching the web application. This renders most ITS Mobile pages useless on Internet Explorer. VelocityCE knows these keypresses are needed by the web application so it allows them to pass through and perform their intended function.

Integrates with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

VelocityCE is installed and configured through simple packages that send a cab file with embedded settings that silently install on the device. Any updates are pushed down over the air and are lightweight (4kb) configuration files to each device. Going from testing to production?  No problem – just send a package over the air and have all devices reflect the new address immediately! Implementing mobile device management best practices with VelocityCE will ensure that everyone, both on the floor and in the offices, stay on the same page and complete tasks in the most cost-efficient manner possible. 

Ivanti (powered by Wavelink) Velocity CE allows your enterprise to get the most out of your investment in ITS Mobile by providing mobile employees the best user experience possible. With fast rendering for applications, functionalities that allow workers to do more, safeguards that keep employees on task, and unmatched session persistence, your employees will be more productive and your operation more efficient. Contact Peak Technologies to deploy Velocity CE, the enterprise browser built specifically for mobile operating systems. You can also request a mobile device management demo with our team of Ivanti experts to see the results for yourself!