Inventory Control Solutions for Warehouse & Distribution

Streamline Your Inventory Management System

Inventory control is an essential part of an efficient, productive, and cost effective warehouse management system. Warehouse and distribution center (DC) operations are constantly dealing with the challenges of managing the daily workflow ups and downs of a supply chain-intensive operation, meeting service level expectations, ensuring employee and customer satisfaction, and managing ever increasing cost pressures. And at the center of the entire operation is simple and essential: inventory.

Ensuring you have the best inventory levels and inventory tracking systems in place is important for overall business success. From barcode labeling and scanning to RFID tags, there are several pieces to the supply chain puzzle that you’ll need to be handled — by experts.

This is where Peak Technologies comes in. Our in-depth warehouse/DC experience, state-of-the-art ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) inventory management system solutions, emerging automation technologies, managed services, and exemplary customer support result in greater ROI and outstanding value for your business. Inventory management software solutions are not “plug and play” – you need experts to help integrate the software into your existing operations and build out the most efficient end-to-end inventory management solution for your business needs.

Peak Technologies serves as a trusted business partner for some of the world’s largest distribution companies, eCommerce retailers and other enterprises with warehouse needs, while also supporting local and regional small business customers and distributors with an extensive coverage footprint throughout North America and Europe.

By understanding your business processes in the supply chain, mobile workforce, and how they interrelate, Peak Technologies is able to propose warehouse management solutions that enable you to be more competitive in the marketplace. We work with you to understand and define your needs and then develop a tailored solution to present the greatest return on investment. Here are the different areas we can help:

Warehouse Management Systems

Peak Technologies has over 35 years of experience recommending, installing and integrating with various warehouse and inventory management software systems that help you automate your inventory and order processes. Feel confident that you can track inventory items and stock levels through the entire supply chain- from purchase order and receipt to order fulfillment and shipment. Peak Technologies has a portfolio of warehouse management systems that utilize the benefits of mobile data capture, RFID and printing technologies to enable real-time inventory data collection.

Increase profitability, improve efficiency, and remove human error from your warehouse distribution center by implementing an inventory control solution. Contact our team today.