Warehouse Management Systems Reduce Labor Costs and Increase Inventory Accuracy

Remove Manual Errors by Automating Inventory Management and Warehouse Workflows

Peak Technologies features multiple levels of feature rich WMS software for automating simple single process systems to full-featured high-functioning, modular warehouse management solutions for businesses of any size, who are receiving managing, picking and shipping millions of dollars in inventory per day.

Our highly flexible warehouse and inventory management software is designed to improve productivity and inventory accuracy in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, helping to manage workflows and provide the data for your business intelligence systems for any type of inventory management function in your business:

  • Receiving – To manage the flow of raw materials from vendors or from internal production operations and goods for distribution.
  • Put Away – Track product or material received from staging or storage locations and moved to holding or locations.
  • Order Picking – Know where and when your workers who are group picking, zone picking, either for production process or customer orders, and track items and quantities throughout the warehouse for inventory tracking.
  • Packing and Shipping– Manage and print shipping labels, manifests and packing lists from anywhere in the connected warehouse.
  • Physical Inventory and Cycle Count – Stay up-to-date with either user or system-directed inventory reviews by location or specific items.
  • Replenishment – Know when your materials are at a low point and need to be replenished.
  • Work Orders – Track and manage the inventory for manufacturing and assembly operations as well as track the flow of finished goods throughout your warehouse.

Sophisticated and Fully-Modular WMS Automates Critical Tasks and Processes in Warehouses and Distribution Centers:


A Receiving module lets you track the receipt of material from vendors or from internal production operations. Barcode labels may be produced for items, containers or pallets. If desired, items and quantities may be validated against an expected receipts list. With real-time visibility, received material is immediately available to fill customer orders. Material may be set aside for crossdock, received directly to a storage location, or placed in a temporary staging location to be handled later with the Putaway transaction.

Put Away

A Putaway module is used to move material from staged receiving locations to final storage locations. Based on system configuration, material may be moved to prime locations, locations holding like items, empty locations and more. Users may specify the Putaway sequence or use the system’s suggested sequence which directs users through the warehouse in an optimized travel path.

Order Picking

An Order Picking module provides an extremely flexible and efficient method for picking orders without any paperwork. Many options are offered including order picking, group picking and zone picking. If desired, orders may be picked by priority or user-defined type (customer order, production order, etc.) WMS software integrates warehouse location optimization so the system suggests pick locations in an optimized travel path, and alternative pick locations are available at the touch of a key.

Packing and Shipping

A Packing and Shipping modules are used to box, verify and ship orders that have been picked. Packing lists and barcode labels may be produced to identify boxes and order contents.

Physical Inventory and Cycle Count

A Cycle Count module can be used to verify inventory for a specific item or location, or it can be used to perform a complete physical inventory. Cycle counts, like other inventory tasks, may be performed in user-directed and system-directed modes. Inventory discrepancies may be corrected automatically and immediately, or they may be flagged for later review. With real-time WMS software, there is no need to “freeze” inventory during the cycle count process.


A Replenishment module lets you move material from bulk storage to forward pick locations that are running low on material. WMS software maintains maximum and minimum quantities for any desired item and location. As an on-hand quantity falls below the defined minimum, the software creates a replenishment requirement for that item and location. Users are later directed to move material to depleted locations.

Work Orders

A Work Order module manages and tracks inventory for manufacturing and assembly operations. The module effectively handles the consumption of raw material and component parts as well as the introduction of finished goods in the warehouse.

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Warehousing Vision Study

Zebra Technologies commissioned a global research study to analyze the trends and challenges that are transforming warehousing operations. The study asked 1,403 IT and operational decision makers from manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, post and parcel delivery, and wholesale distribution industries for their insights on current and planned strategies for modernizing their warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers from 2019-2024.