Custom Price Checkers

Easy to Afford

Low cost results in rapid ROI, so even smaller businesses can reap the benefits of self-service kiosks.

Easy to Install​

Kiosk capability in a compact, easy to install unit, easily mounted on walls or bases.

Easy Compliance​

At Peak, we design our Price Checker Solutions to meet all requirements of consumer protection laws.

Easy to Service​

The components of price checkers are easy to access for maintenance or repair.

Looking for a Simple Price Disclosure Compliance Solution?

Look no further! Retail pricing laws are complicated and it can be tricky to meet all the requirements. A Price Checker Solution from Peak makes compliance simple!

Creating the Right Price Checker Solution for Your Business

Peak will work with you to develop and assist in creating the best system within your budget. Your Price Checker Solution (like all Peak Solutions) will be a combination of Products and Services.

Best-In-Class Hardware

Peak selects the best hardware components to include in every Price Checker solution.

Elo Touch Screen monitors come in a range of sizes and have excellent image quality for promotional images and video.
Out-of-the-box interactive Zebra Concierge and Micro Kiosk devices with integrated scanning capability.
Printing capabilities can be included in all or just a certain number of Price Checkers in your solution.

Adaptable Software

Solutions for all major operating systems including Android, OSX, and Windows.

Check prices and gift card balances and print coupons.
Manage video content for kiosks from one central console.
Price checkers can display personalized offers when a customer card is detected.

Peak Services & Support

Let Peak’s experience and expertise work for your business! We can help plan and execute every aspect of your solution and provide on-going support for the life of every unit.

Peak Professional Services utilizes expert Project Management to manage every solution from initiation through on-going support.

Peak offers full service Network installation, management and optimization.

Peak offers dedicted Help Desk Support to help you or your employees troubleshoot issues. Peak can also repair or replace components.

Custom Price Checker Design Options

Offices can utilize kiosks to manage minor front office services, eliminating interruptions and freeing up staff for higher priority tasks. Office kiosks can fill the following positions in any kind of office environment: Vitual Receptionist, HR Center and Wayfinding.
Below are some examples of kiosk functions for specified types of offices.

Mounted Units

Peak Custom Price Checkers can be easily afixed to wall space, columns, or even aisle shelving units. Mounted price checkers are easily visible for consumers, quick and easy to install and service and don’t take up any floor space. Their secure fastening to a stable surface tends to protect them from damage and tampering, as they cannot be tipped or moved.

Free Standing Units

Peak can construct custom bases for our Price Checker Units. These units offer the flexibility to your solution – they can be placed anywhere and are easy to relocate. The bases have a small footprint, providing benefits to your business while taking up as little precious retail real estate. The bases can also be outfitted with mounting holes drilled in the base plate for more permanent installation.

Branding & Signage

Peak Price Checker Solutions include custom branded signage to let customers know where price scanners are located and promote use. In addition, the screen images and printed materials can all be branded with your logo.

Hassle-Free Compliance

At Peak, we design our Price Checker Solutions to meet accessability standards and fill all the requirements of consumer protection laws.

Compliance with Price Disclosure Laws

Consumer Price Disclosure Laws vary from state-to-state. In several states, making consumer price scaners available to your customers can either eliminate the need for individual price labels or stickers on products, or can supplement them, giving your customers more accurate pricing information and may even help protect you from having to honor incorrect or outdated prices on miss-labelled items. The law in effect in Massachusetts, for example, allows for price scanners to comply, but has specific requirements.

A Look At The Massachusetts Law

The Massachusetts Consumer Price Disclosure Law, which has been in place since January 2013, applies to grocery stores and retailers with grocery departments. It requires retailers to provide consumers with “clear and conspicuous price disclosure.” This can be done with either individual item price labels – a costly, time-consuming option that is tedious to keep current – or with a consumer price scanner system.

According to the law, a consumer price scanner is defined as an electronic scanner provided for consumer use that is capable of reading an item’s UPC barcode or SKU and displaying a description of the item and its correct price. Peak Custom Price Checkers certainly fit the bill!

Retail Pricing Laws In Other States

New York

  • Install AirWatch on-premise, as an appliance or Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Stage a multi-tenant environment with users, device groups and profiles for enrollment
  • Automate the distribution of configuration profiles to groups of users and devices
  • Enroll employee, corporate or shared devices with unique requirements and policies
  • Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and Symbian devices


  • Gain an integrated view of all mobile assets deployed across the enterprise
  • Group mobile assets based on user roles, device types, division or geography
  • Capture real-time device and network information for improved asset management
  • Determine the frequency with which inventory data is captured and generate reports


  • Gain an integrated view of all mobile assets deployed across the enterprise
  • Group mobile assets based on user roles, device types, division or geography
  • Capture real-time device and network information for improved asset management
  • Determine the frequency with which inventory data is captured and generate reports

Not Sure About Your State?

Check this listing of US Retail Pricing Laws and Regulations by State.

Let Peak Take Care Of The Requirements

Several retail pricing laws, including the Massachusetts Consumer Price Disclosure Law, have specific requirements for the number of price scanners in the store, the number of scanners that need to be print-capable and the location of those scanners. Peak takes care of all the work – designing a solution that meets all requirements – while you reap the benefits of not-only foolproof compliance, but increased sales and customer satisfaction!

Meet Signage Requirements In Style

Some of these laws require that, in order to make the price scanner units easy for consumers to locate, they must have noticeable, easy-to-read signage. Each Scanner must have one sign at eye level and one above that can be seen from a distance. Peak fulfills these requirements for you as well while reinforcing your brand! We also work any required Consumer Notices or other information that you’re required to post into the graphics or signage of each unit.


We build our Price Checker Units to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and the Architectural Access Board regulations.

Kiosk Expertise is Just a Click Away

There’s a lot of information and options here. You can reach out to an Peak kiosk specialist for guidance anytime you like by contacting us.