Last-Mile Smart Locker Solutions

Which Click & Collect Locker Solution is Right for You?

Fixed Stations

Fixed Locker Stations are installed in one location,
in-store or outdoors.

Mobile Stations

Outdoor Locker stations on wheels are compact
and convenient.

Grocery Lockers

Temperature-controlled lockers designed for
food retailers.

Parcel Lockers

Designed for any retailer, Parcel lockers are available in multiple sizes.

The Final Piece of the Click & Collect Puzzle

Last Mile Locker Solutions from Peak are the final piece that completes an end-to-end Click & Collect Solution. For more information about Click & Collect Solutions from Peak, visit our Click & Collect page.

A Value-added Partnership

Peak offers fully customizable order collection locker stations together with our partner, Strongpoint. Headquarted in Norway, Strongpoint has 250+ locker installations across Europe and North America. To learn more about the Strongpoint products, visit our Smart Locker product page.

Locker Features

Smart & Connected

All functions are managed and monitored remotely via cloud-based software. Terminals can verify age for restricted items. Software alerts staff of temperature changes, open doors, and other incidents.

Customized & Modular

Fixed and Mobile Stations are built of mix-and-match modules to create the perfect custom combination, available in any color with your branding. Modules can also be swapped out or added on.

Secure & Reliable

Rugged and durable enough to withstand any weather conditions. Interior surfaces are high-quality stainless steel, and external surfaces are galvanised, coated steel. Hidden hinges and locks prevent tampering.

What Retailers Love

Retailers work directly with an Peak rep to design the solution that best suits their products, location, customers and the way they do business.
Lockers are managed and monitored remotely, with alerts of any issues, and automated customer communications are covered by locker software.
Lockers save time! Most orders take only a minute or two to load into the Lockers and, unlike curbside, employees aren’t being called away from other tasks to bring orders out to waiting customers.
Installation of most Fixed Stations only requires one day. Compact and convenient Mobile Stations can be quickly set up anywhere there is a power source.

What Customers Love

Flexible pick-up times allow them to collect orders at their convenience, with no waiting in line. Most pick-ups take less than one minute!
Lockers only unlock with the correct, one-time-use PIN that is sent to the customer, meaning purchases can’t be tampered with or taken by the wrong customer.
Lockers allow for completely contactless transactions from order to pick-up. Lockers can even be unlocked via smartphone, with no need to use shared terminal kiosks.
Terminal kiosks are ADA compliant and individual locker reservations allow customers to reserve lower compartments if needed. Mobile Stations are equipped with ADA compliant ramps.

What Retailers Have to Say

A few testimonials from retailers about the impact Last-mile Locker Solutions have had on their stores and – most importantly – their customers.
Our customers love the grocery lockers and tell me it’s the best thing we’ve done. Using click & collect lockers is one of the key reasons why our grocery e-commerce orders have increased so much so quickly.
Store Owner of Grocery Chain Retailer
Currently using Strongpoint Locker Solutions
Previously we had a solution with a bell that the customers rang when they arrived to pick up their orders. …it created stress for the staff not knowing when it would ring and to be interrupted in the middle of other tasks in order to run back and forth.
Manager of Leading Grocery Retailer
Currently using Strongpoint Locker Solutions
When people are on the go, this is a very practical way to pick up their order. It takes 20 seconds to enter the order code and retrieve the bags from the locker. It is extremely efficient.
E-commerce Manager for Supermarket Chain
Currently testing Strongpoint Grocery Mobile Locker Solutions

Fixed vs Mobile – which Locker Station is right for you?


Fixed Locker Stations

Click & Collect Fixed Locker Stations are designed for any retailer ready to combine their online business with the physical stores.
Click & Collect Fixed Locker Stations are designed for any retailer ready to combine their online business with the physical stores.
Fixed Locker Stations are secure, smart, and customizable Last-Mile locker stations installed in one convenient location either indoor or outdoor for customer collection of online orders. Outdoor stations include LED lighting and a roof/awning attachment. Sturdy construction allow lockers to stand up to extreme weather conditions and years of wear and tear.
Fixed Stations can be installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. With modular construction, stations can be as small as available space requires or as large as high-volume stores demand. Fixed Stations can be free-standing or built-in to walls or other structures.
Fixed Locker Stations can consist of any number of grocery or parcel locker modules, arranged in a variety of station layouts. With several modules to mix and match, and options for layouts and locations, the possibilities for your Fixed Station are endless!

Mobile Locker Stations

Click & Collect Mobile Locker Stations are designed for any retailer that wants to bring smart, remote collection locations to the most convenient locations for their customers. This compact solution can be a perfect fit for retailers who have limited space, huge swings in seasonal demand or who want to try out a less permanent solution.
Mobile Locker Stations offer the same functionality as Fixed Stations, but in a compact package that’s on wheels!
Mobile Stations are built tough and come equipped with a roof with LED lights, a staircase, handrails, an ADA compliant ramp and non-slip flooring. A 4G Router ensures remote lockers stay connected.
The Mobile Station can’t go indoors, but it can be placed in just about any outdoor location. No building permits or infrastructure required, just a power source. Try out different locations in your own parking lot, or tow to a gas station, an event, a local college campus or business park, or anywhere else your customers are – to create a satellite order collection hub.
The number and variety of modules in a Mobile Locker Station is restricted by trailer size and towing weight limits.
The standard layout for a Grocery Mobile Station includes:

Grocery Lockers

Temperature-controlled Lockers designed for Grocery and other food retailers.

Grocery lockers are NSF certified for Food Handling. Products bearing an NSF certification mark meet all standard requirements, including product testing and regular inspections to verify products continue to comply with NSF standards. Read More >

Grocery Locker modules are available in three temperature zones appropriate for different foods. Software alerts staff of any temperature changes, open doors or incidents that may affect food quality. Auto-defrost ensures stability and prevents condensation and icing. The self-closing doors have heated frames to prevent freezing shut.

Parcel Lockers

Multi-size Lockers designed for retailers of any industry.
Parcel lockers allow retailers to easily provide same-day order fulfillment with pick-ups available beyond store hours. Customers don’t have to wait for orders to ship or worry about them sitting outside, exposed to the elements or possible theft.
Parcel lockers are passive ambient, meaning they remain the same as surrounding temperatures.
Parcel lockers are available in multiple compartment sizes to accommodate a wide variety of products. The different sizes come in various combinations and we will work with you to choose the right mix of compartment sizes for your needs.
Parcel modules consist of the Starter Module, which includes the terminal kiosk and is a stand-alone locker station. Add On Modules allow retailer to create larger stations and work in conjunction with the Starter Module. Number of compartments and sizes are determined by retailer request.