Automate Your Movements to Accelerate Growth

Increase productivity, optimize processes, and empower your people with intelligent material movement automations by Peak Technologies and Zebra.

Peak Technologies’ collaboration with Zebra’s robotics division enables mobility technology solutions that help automate and streamline labour-intensive tasks. Our combined expertise over decades means we have the answer to your picking, receiving, loading, replenishment and put away requirements – autonomous movement of material for higher efficiencies.

From delivering raw materials and kits during manufacturing, all the way to warehousing pick-to-tote functions, the operational flexibility of our automated solutions increases daily outputs while allowing skilled workers to focus on high-value tasks.

Our depth of flexible hardware mobility knowledge and voice-directed solutions now combined with material movement automation not only enables faster fulfilment, timely replenishment, and increased productivity, but also greater customer satisfaction and ROI throughout your entire supply chain.

Designed to keep you ahead of the competition, the portfolio of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) includes:

RollerTop Guide

Designed to maximize productivity in picking operations that utilize conveyors, sortation, and other mechanized automation as part of the workflow.


Provides autonomous transport of a wide range of bins, totes, and packages in virtually any facility.


The industry’s first rolling cart AMR solution autonomously picks up and drops off carts for increased productivity and utilization.


With adjustable height and autonomous navigation, the RollerTop solution brings adaptability and increases automation in conveyor-driven environments.

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