5 Managed Mobility Services Obstacles That Can Bring Your Mobile Workforce to a Screeching Halt

Managed Mobility Services are mission-critical to get workforces the mobile devices they need to access actionable information in real-time, streamline business operations, and promote cost savings. To better understand the process, think of Managed Mobility Services as a puzzle; it’s made up of various critical components to make it whole, including Consulting Services, Help Desk & Support, Mobile Device Management, Staging and Kitting, and Security Management.

Just as a puzzle can’t be finished with missing pieces, if just one of the Managed Mobility Services components isn’t working properly, the shortcoming could bring your organization to a halt. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure every step of the process is carefully and correctly executed, starting with the preparation and planning stage.

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Poor Planning Or No Planning

Preparation and planning are perhaps the most crucial parts of the process. Determining the right strategy and seamlessly executing that strategy is essential to mobilizing business and optimizing performance. But choosing the applications, operating systems, devices, and connectivity systems your workforce leverages can be a daunting task, especially without a clear and concise roadmap.

Your mobility solution and strategies should work together to address your company’s specific needs and optimize your mobile environment. Without proper planning and preparation for applications, operating systems, devices, and connectivity systems used now (and those that will be used in the future), your enterprise will likely face significant operational roadblocks. The right Managed Mobility Services provider will ensure your enterprise is armed with the proper mobile solutions and that your mobile workforce is working at optimum capacity.

Substandard Device Staging and Kitting

How your mobile devices are deployed, set up, and implemented from day one sets the tone for their use across their lifecycle. When you deploy devices, your workers expect them to work. Your IT team could be bogged down for days, weeks even, trying to get every device set up as they need to be for everyday use. Many organizations are turning to outsourced support for device application load, configuration, and staging and kitting tasks. As part of proper staging and kitting in a Mobile Device Management Program, devices should be:

  • Audited before arriving at your facility to ensure accuracy and functionality
  • Tested, given fully-charged batteries, as well as had their battery systems audited
  • Labeled and kitted with appropriate accessories according to your specifications
  • Arrive at your facility to be staged, employees trained on device use, and deployed

Inadequate Mobile Device Management

Managing mobile devices across multiple locations and end-users requires careful planning and setup. With effective MDM, your mobile devices will work together seamlessly, reducing the number of service calls and overall business risk. Without effective MDM, your enterprise will suffer from less-than-satisfactory productivity levels. The right Managed Mobility Services provider will have an effective MDM that will offer the following:

  • Management – Provisioning, configuration, and controlling mobile devices
  • Monitoring – Proactive alerts and audit reports on device status for policy compliance
  • Support – Efficient remote control and helpdesk tools for real-time support
  • Tracking – Locate and track devices anywhere in the world in real-time or historically
  • Security – Including encrypted data, authenticated corporate access, restricted features, and locked-down devices

Inadequate mobile device management will render your Managed Mobility Service offering incomplete if any of these are overlooked, leading your organization to face unnecessary complications.

Insufficient Spares Management, Repairs, Help Desk, and Support

Unfortunately, problems with connectivity, applications, devices, and more are inevitable. When issues arise, will your operations continue to run smoothly without incident, or will you be paralyzed until a fix arrives? An insufficient spares management program won’t be able to protect your organization against downtime from faulty devices in need of repair. To minimize downtime, overnight shipping of spare devices that are ready to be used upon arrival while your devices are repaired is key. Further, advanced exchange programs will require less internal resources from your side to manage buffer stock, track assets, and configure and stage devices.

A centralized, consistent help desk also helps your mobile workforce handle application, device, and operating system issues that don’t require on-site or depot repair. The quality of support depends on the provider you choose. Make sure you select a Managed Mobility Services provider that strives for a first-call resolution goal. Quick and efficient service translates into happy, productive enterprises.

Low-Grade Security Management

Managed Mobility Services programs aren’t complete without fortified security. While MDM solutions have security systems and services, there should be security beyond this platform. Additional security should exist to secure access and consumption of corporate resources and content. This includes authentication, encryption, containerization, enterprise cloud file synchronization and sharing (EFSS), content and domain filtering, and anti-malware functionality.

The right Managed Mobility Services provider will provide mobile threat defense solutions and professional services capabilities related to mobile security management. Without proper security measures, your devices will constantly be at risk and defenseless against potential attacks.

Planning, support, mobile devices management, staging and kitting, and security are all essential pieces to the puzzle that is Managed Mobility Services. If any component is missing or unsatisfactory, you’ll be left with an offering that can’t serve you to its full potential.

But Managed Mobility Services are only as good as their provider. As a leader in managed mobility services, Peak Technologies can provide you with the right technology and processes to keep up with demands. Our Managed Mobility experts can assist you in keeping your mobile technology running as it should, allowing your IT staff to focus on other business objectives.

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