Troubleshooting the Logistics of IT: Common Warehouse Technology Issues and How to Solve Them

Every day, warehouses and supply chains run into technology issues that grind production to a halt and deal major blows to bottom lines. In such fast-paced environments, where demands are constantly evolving and productivity is everything, there is no room for downtime from technical issues.

Many times, these stem from logistics technology issues related to the network. Warehouses and supply chains are ever-moving entities, and need networks built to keep up with their needs. If your operation is one of the many faced with frequent technology failures, it may be time to address the cause.

Here are some of the most common warehouse technology issues, as well as a few tips to help your operation solve them:

Wireless Instability

Instability in the warehouse is one of the most, if not the most common warehouse technology issue that the industry regularly faces. As commonplace as it may be, it can still be detrimental to your operation.

Wireless instability can cause poor wireless coverage throughout your warehouse, often leading to network connection issues. You may find your handheld computers and devices regularly disconnecting, which can lead to increased downtime and disruption.

There are several things that can cause wireless instability in your warehouse. If your network was poorly planned before it was implemented, you may have dead zones or other problems associated with your connection. A lack of standardized equipment or configuration can also lead to instability.

When your network was first implemented, if the provider was not well-versed in implementing a wireless network in warehouses or supply chains, they may not have been familiar with the challenges of these environments. As a result, the network is unable to meet the needs of the warehouse and you can run into issues with connectivity.

A wireless site assessment can usually help pinpoint the cause of the issue, and a reputable provider can work with your warehousing operation to combat these issues and find a solution.

IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure is crucial to a successful operation. Your infrastructure consists of the computers, servers, software, and devices that interconnect to serve as the foundation of your warehouse technology. When it comes to success in your warehouse or supply chain operation, you need to have the proper IT infrastructure in place.

Without a functional IT infrastructure, your operation can suffer. It can be more difficult to collect, process, store, and share mission-critical data. When this is overlooked, you can experience slow network speeds, unreliable devices and software, poor computer and server performance, and even potential security breaches.

If your infrastructure was poorly constructed or incorrectly implemented, your devices can potentially fail. Many times, this is the result of trying to reduce costs, which leads to operational deficiencies. When this happens, even the most cutting-edge devices can be sluggish and finicky.

In order to rectify the situation, start by learning what you need in order to be successful. If you aren’t sure, a wireless site survey can help. There are many technology consulting experts that can work with you to figure out what your operational needs are. This can help you identify where and how many access points will be required for adequate coverage.

It’s also critical that you select the right platform and architecture. A warehouse’s needs are more complex than a home or traditional office network, so industrial-grade access points are required to ensure your network can withstand the warehouse environment.

To ensure your wireless network is up-to-speed in your warehouse, you may also want to assess your WLAN and network cabling infrastructure. A wireless engineer will be able to ensure that all the components of your wireless system are functioning properly, and can point you towards a solution should they identify any issues.

Tech Management

Once you have all the components of your wireless network in place, you still need to consider how you can manage it. With effective management and maintenance for your technology solutions, you can ensure they are built to last and are capable of handling your needs.

Without a technology management system, you put yourself at risk for common issues that stem from a lack of proactive maintenance. You may run into unscheduled downtime, and have no way to monitor your wireless network activity.

Support is critical whenever you go live so that you can ensure your system and staff are online and up-to-speed. Any problems that may exist could eventually lead to technology failures and security breaches, so it is important to catch them early. With the right technology management system in place, these can easily be identified and resolved.

According to Compuware’s study, 52% of responders classified supply chain operations as critically dependent on technology operating effectively. This means that any issues with technology that reduce downtime can be detrimental to your operation. It’s crucial to ensure that your warehouse has a management system in place to detect issues before they arise, maintain tight security, and keep software up-to-date.

Properly Maintained IT is Critical

Wireless systems keep warehouses in operation. Without a strong wireless connection in place, communication will be disrupted, productivity will drop, and your bottom line will suffer. In any warehouse or supply chain environment, IT is instrumental in a successful operation. Because of this, it is critical that it be properly implemented and maintained.

Peak Technologies is an industry-leading provider of wireless systems and services for supply chain operations. Our IT infrastructure experts are well-versed in the challenges of these environments, and are equipped with the tools, talent, and training to ensure your IT needs are taken care of.

For more information, or to conduct a wireless site survey, contact the experts at Peak Technologies today.



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