Remote Solutions and Support for Supply Chain Operations During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has turned the supply chain and logistics industry on its head overnight. According to new data compiled by Nielsen, U.S. sales have surged when it comes to non-perishable food, cleaning products, and health goods. Products like dried beans were up 231% the week ending March 14th compared to the same period last year. Flu remedies and vitamins are up 159% and 93% respectively. Instacart, which delivers goods from grocery stores reported that order volume is up 150% compared to the same period last year and the average basket size has grown by 15% since just last month.

What this means for the supply chain, is that there is not a moment to spare. The stakes are higher than ever before, and seconds of downtime are more critical—and costly—than ever. Every stage of the supply chain, from the manufacturer down to the sales clerk is challenged to pivot towards the new norm.

While some operations may have the automation in place to sidestep quickly, others may need support to efficiently and safely keep their business digitally-connected and running beyond maximum efficiency.

The good news is that many businesses currently have the infrastructure in place to harness digital supply chain technologies that could make operations more efficient during COVID-19. Best of all, the experts at Peak Technologies can help provide implementation or support services without ever stepping on-site at your operation.

Here are some remote-enabled solutions and support services designed to help you through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, both today and tomorrow.

WLAN Networking

Seven out of 10 warehouses experience performance problems with their wireless networks, eroding the productivity those very solutions were installed to improve. Now more than ever, mission-critical tasks rely on having an uninterrupted signal, 100% uptime, and optimal connection speed to meet the demands of today’s on-demand economy. If your network isn’t delivering rock solid performance, it’s not too late to call in the experts to help you troubleshoot.

Peak Technologies offers a suite of networking services that have the ability to be executed remotely, without ever setting foot onto your site, including wireless coverage, wireless access point placement, mobile device performance, and wireless security protocols.

Application Development

Challenges related to the current speed of business and unmatched consumer demand can be overcome with the right technological resources and expertise. We often see supply chain operations encounter what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, become a mere bump in the road solved through custom application development. Often times the operation has the right foundational tools already in place, and all that is required is writing some code to truly connect the processes of an application, or maximize the application’s efficiency.

From software development to remote deployment services, our experts can help you quickly and efficiently optimize the delivery of point solutions for inventory and asset management applications in warehouse, supply chain and field mobility settings.

Label Design & Management

When demand for food and healthcare products is at a record-breaking high, label solutions that can keep pace are critical—especially to streamline processes and avoid duplicative data entry into business systems.

Our experts can help your operation with label design and management, and have years of experience integrating custom solutions into existing production or automated environments including integration with SAP, Oracle and other legacy systems.  From consulting and label design to development of custom front-end barcode applications, Peak Technologies can help support your labeling requirements—and we can do so remotely, without visiting your physical location.

Mobile Workforce Management & Optimization

Today’s business climate dictates the need for more mobile devices deployed than ever before. From workers picking food products from a freezer for shipping to a grocer, to the surge in last mile delivery demand, the number of mobile devices that need to be deployed and managed is ever increasing.

The team at Peak Technologies can assist your operation in making the management of your mobile workforce less stressful, so that your internal IT teams can focus on more critical objectives. Let our experts support your mobile device management needs including the ability to remotely provision, configure and control devices, consulting and design, proactive maintenance, staging services, and Windows to Android migrations. 

24/7 Help Desk

When issues arise, you need help and you need it fast. There is no time in today’s climate for red tape, long waits, or vendor finger-pointing.

Our team is on-call 24/7 to act as a Help Desk providing centralized, consistent support service for your mobile users, giving you the freedom to focus on your core competencies. The main goal is to increase the first call resolution rate, thus increasing customer satisfaction related to troubleshooting issues such as, hardware failures, application software issues, wireless carrier connectivity, and/or operating system performance.

Peak Technologies recognizes that today’s supply chain needs to be remarkably agile during these challenging times. We want to support your efforts where we can and encourage our customers to leverage our expertise. There may be a technology, currently unharnessed, that could quickly and easily help you streamline operations and reduce employee stress and fatigue. 

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