The Road to Flawless Fulfillment Begins with Industrial Wireless Solutions

Warehouses and distribution centers are dynamic environments that require communication across multiple channels to thrive. But reliable wireless communications is much more challenging in the warehouse than the office. Warehouses are huge spaces, densely packed with goods that are constantly moving in and out, and with people constantly moving around.

An industrial-strength wireless solution is necessary to meet the rising demands for faster, more accurate fulfillment. Industrial wireless solutions are designed to provide complete coverage of dynamic warehouse and distribution spaces to ensure reliable connectivity at all times.

The 6 Steps to Flawless Fulfillment

These six steps are based on established best practices for technology that supports flawless fulfillment, better customer service and loyalty, and more profit. These are the key issues to address when deploying mobile technologies to streamline workflows and reduce errors.

1. Deploy industrial wireless solutions

Industrial wireless solutions are the backbone for automating common processes and delivering top performance. Industrial wireless solutions maintain device connections consistently as workers and devices move around the facility, and can help locate employees, assets, and vehicles.

2. Improve staff communication and management

Flawless fulfillment requires instant communications among warehouse managers and staff. Wireless solutions give managers the tools they need wherever they are on the warehouse floor. Using ruggedized devices with voice and data capabilities keep managers in the loop in real time.

3. Streamline order pick and pack processes

Industrial wireless solutions allow workers to scan a shelf tag, barcode, or RFID tag and get instant verification that they’ve picked the right item. The item is immediately deducted from the inventory count to improve count accuracy.

4. Create advanced inventory and storage capabilities

Another key to flawless fulfillment is real-time inventory visibility and control. When workers have real-time access to the inventory database on mobile data collection devices, cycle count accuracy can dramatically improve. And the time to do cycle counts is measured in hours, not days.

5. Upgrade how inbound operations are handled

To streamline inbound operations, warehouses must be able to handle the increase of incoming items that have barcodes and need to respond to shifting supplier requirements. Simply by scanning a barcode or RFID when receiving a shipment, cargo is automatically identified and verified, and allows returns to be quickly handled.

6. Upgrade outbound handling and performance

Industrial wireless solutions also streamline order fulfillment to ensure that orders are shipped with the right product to the right customer, reducing costly returns and delivering customer satisfaction, which will help retain valuable business.

Getting Started: Industrial Wireless Solutions

Everything in your warehouse or distribution center is perfectly balanced — or should be as a result of your wireless network. But not every wireless network is up to the task of keeping devices in constant contact. A wireless site assessment provides you with an in-depth evaluation of your current wireless infrastructure and mobile device pool to ensure your wireless system is optimized for peak performance.

For example, you may be experiencing some of these common pain points:

  • Size: Warehouses are huge and need a wireless network to work across the entire space without dead zones in coverage.
  • Downtime and network unavailability: Unreliable networks and devices can lead to downtime, which is always costly, eroding your wireless system ROI and can ripple out to dissatisfied customers, impacting your reputation.
  • Bandwidth: Inadequate bandwidth from aging network hardware can lead to process bottlenecks and warehouse congestion.
  • Device proliferation: Aging wireless networks aren’t designed to handle the new and different types of mobile devices used in warehouses, such as handheld computers, scanners, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

If you’re just starting out with a wireless network, a wireless site survey will determine the technical requirements needed to fully cover your space and serve all of your people and devices.

Why Your Industrial Wireless Solution Matters

Industrial wireless solutions for warehouses and distribution centers are essential in today’s demanding world of fulfilling customer orders quickly and accurately. Wireless solutions automate time-consuming processes to streamline operations and improve your flexibility to respond to changing customer requirements. Cycle times can be reduced and worker productivity dramatically increased. Orders can be fulfilled flawlessly, improving customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty. And, the data you collect can be analyzed to further optimize your operation.

To get the full benefits of a wireless system, you need a rock-sold WLAN that can handle the demands of your warehouse and mobile technology. As the backbone of your warehouse, industrial wireless solutions are one of the most important services in the supply chain.

To achieve flawless fulfillment in your operation, partner with a company that understands wireless technology and how it’s used day in and day out in warehouses and distribution centers. Peak Technologies is a leader in industrial wireless solutions and is the go-to source for warehouse operations that are ready to take the journey to better customer service through flawless fulfillment.

Peak Technologies has deep industry experience and the people, processes, and products to help you implement the most mission-critical wireless systems. Contact Peak Technologies today for a wireless site assessment or site survey.


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